A few questions about the comic

I was wondering how many TPB have been released and if they are continuing releasing them?

how many issues did Street fighter, have?

i also remember being told the TPBs didn’t have backstories, was it just a bio box or actual drawn panels with text?


There has been 2 TPB’s released covering the first arc of Street Fighter. The first book covers #0-6 and the 2nd covers #7-14. It does have the back-up stories cut out though. Chances are they’ll keep releasing these imo.

I don’t know what you mean by bio box or drawn panels.

They were ~4 page comics showing the past of the characters. A few of them were actually directly related or mentioned in the actual issue, so without them some stuff in the main comic simply didn’t make sense or seemed half-baked.

Yeah, it’s as bad an idea as it sounds. Only God knows why they choose to have relevant info outside of the main comic.

Oh, that’s right. To have popular artists drawing the back-ups so they could sell more comics. Who cares about the main storyline, anyway?

Money makes the world go round.