A few questions about the Hori EX2 and the Hori FS3

I’ve got two questions for each stick:

1.) Which of the following will work on my PC (I play SF4 on PC) ? I run Windows XP SP3 on a Gigabyte-EP45-UD3R (Intel motherboard). Is it plug and play? Will this also work for windows 7?

2.) How well made are these sticks? Everywhere I go I keep hearing the same “These buttons/sticks are garbage, replace them with Sansa” and seeing as how it can be complicated to mod these two sticks (or so I heard) I want to know, are they THAT bad? I mean I don’t throw tantrums when I lose a game and chuck a controller across the room. And I don’t obnoxiously mash button, so yeah…

Any help would be appreciated, thanks =)

I use a Hori Ex2 for my PC needs and it’s plug and play. I’m on XP, though. There shouldn’t be any problems on Vista or 7. Any 360 controller should work on PCs, anyway.

Hori parts aren’t exactly horrible but they aren’t great either. Any Hori stick (with the exception of the SA and SE editions) should be modded with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts. Hori parts will eventually wear out.

I like slim and small arcade sticks, so the Ex2 was a great mod starting point for me.

Ik the EX2 is soldered, but what about the FS3?

definitely soldered also. all hori sticks with the exception of hrap’s are soldered.

you could find all this info through searching the tech talk forum also.

It is.

Well in that case, how’s the quality of the Madcatz SE stick? Did they fix that washer problem?

It needs drivers though doesn’t it?!

If you’re on Vista or 7, they’re built in. If you’re on XP, all you have to do when the system prompts you for the driver is tell it to search Windows Update for drivers. It’s the only time that feature had actually been useful for me:lol:

can the same be said for the fighting stick 3?