A few questions about the HRAP1

I recently purchased a Hori Real Arcade Pro modded with Sanwa Buttons over at trading forums.

(not sure if it’s Type A or Type B, I know from the button layout it looks to be the Orange one from the turbo switches on the front and the upwards curvature of the buttons)

The seller explained he permanently removed 3 bolts which holds the top panel down to get easier access to clean up the Quick disconnects when he needed to get access to them easier.

What I am looking for is to know what are the exact type of bolts that are used for the top panel because I plan to purchase replacement bolts to cover up those 3 holes to secure the top panel to it’s original stock.

Does any one know what type of bolts and washers or even nuts are used and which size is required to replace the missing ones I need?

I’m probably also going to also additionally mod the stick further with some custom art, a new ball top and some new buttons. I know I can get the ball top and buttons I need at Lizardlick.

Is there a website where I can get some Templates for the HRAP1 so I can use in creating my own artwork to personalize the HRAP1 to my own preferences once I receive it in the mail?

Also what are the dimensions of the top panel so I know what to use when I print out the top panel?

Thanks for any assistance in advance.