A few questions about Uila LEDs & FGWidget



I’m building a stick from scratch, modding with Paewang PCB and FGW/Uila LEDs (budget).
Question 1: Each LED has a white wire and black wire. Which one is ground?
2: Whichever wires the grounds are, can they all be twisted together and soldered to the ground point on the FGW?
3. The other wires would be soldered to their respective _OUT points on the FGW, right?
4. I’m already using QCDs to connect my button microswitches to the Paewang. The _IN wires I would have to solder from the FGW to the individual buttons, they can just be connected to any part of the metal on the microswitch?
5. Assuming what I have to do for #2 is correct, would I also solder a wire from that same ground point to a ground on the Paewang?
6. In order to power the FGW I have to solder a wire from the Power/VCC solder point to the red wire of the USB connection, correct? So am I just scraping away the glue from the PCB’s connection point and soldering a wire on top of the red wire’s existing point?






Yes, or _IN to Paewang.




Fantastic, thanks for your help =D