A few questions: Acquiring a Cabinet

I’m trying to get an Arcade cabinet of my own but I could use a bit of advice.
Where should I start looking? I’ve looked at Ebay but since I’m in Canada (Montreal to be more precise) the price of shipping alone can triple the price of the machine. I checked craig’s list and found nothing. Should I check the arcades nearby to see if they’re looking to sell their machines or what’s my best option?

I think you’ve pretty much already figured it out. Ebay w/ local pickup, craigslist or local arcades are your best bet. Don’t know about most arcades, but our local one clears out games once a year. Maybe yours does too, and even if they aren’t doing it right now, you could get a better idea of when some might be available…or maybe even the inquiry will prompt them to consider selling off some, when previously they hadn’t given it consideration.

i say just go and ask at your at your local arcade for used machines, cause shipping and customs can be a killer.

Like the people above me say, you’re better off trying the waiting game on Craigslist or Ebay. Also local arcades are a good source. A friend of mine picked up a nice cabinet from a bowling alley. Most of them will probably say no, but hey, it’s worth a shot and you might get a deal.

I picked up a bunch of numbers to check.
I’m still pissed off at a movie theater. They had a pristine MvC1 machine and when I offered to buy it, they refused and instead they threw it out because that was procedure.

I recently picked up a neo geo cab, drove from Windsor, Ontario to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was cheaper to rent a pickup truck than it was to have it delivered, and by bring it across the border myself I was able to lie about the value of the cab and didn’t have to pay any customs fees.

I got lucky on that one though.

Check http://www.superauctions.com/ , I don’t know if they hold events in Canada, but they hold events all over the USA.

edit:: Super Auctions DOES hold events in Canada, check the schedules.

Also, if you have any arcades around you ask the manager or owner of the location if they know of any game auctions or sales events going on anytime soon in the area. The arcades around me get information about these events which is sometimes kept away from the public. This is most likely to curb attendance and lower buying prices of the available games.

I may have just gotten lucky. I’ll post again tomorrow with more details but if this pulls through I found a 3rd strike and/or MvC2 cabinet

Also hit up http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/ they’re a great community and I have found several sellers my location (within 5-200 miles).

Living in Canada and having had 2 cabs shipped to me, let me say that it won’t be cheap. At all. Montreal might be a bit better for you if you find a retailer in Ontario or something, but if you’re after Candy cabs you’ll have to buy from the US (CA probably). If you want one bad enough though, the hundreds you pay in shipping ends up being worth it.

Here’s matsu’s site http://www.jpdeal.com/cabinet.html

Thanks a million for all the info. This morning I couldn’t find a single one now I’m lost as to who contact first. :wgrin:

I’ve been some GOOD cabs on ebay from sellers in Canada go for dirt cheap. Just be patient and you’ll run into something.

good luck wit it :tup: :tup:

Right now I Have a deal pending, a 3rd strike cabinet for ~$400 (CND) and the guy is looking for an MvC2 cabinet for me.
Any other game I should look out for while he’s looking?

Just make sure you get a cabinet that has 6-button setup at least. From there, you can swap hardware in and out at your leisure. Unless you prefer having dedicated cabs, and/or have the money for it…then why not. :smiley: