A few Questions for Hsien-Ko mains



I have 5 easy questions for Hsien-Ko Mains.

  1. What spot on a team does Hsien-ko fulfill best? Ex: point, battery, anchor
  2. Can Hsien-ko do a combo with one Hyper Combo that does more than 600 k?(w/o x-factor / assists)
  3. Does Hsien-ko have any x-factor loops in the corner?
  4. What is the overall game plan with Hsien-ko when she is on point?
  5. Is there a way to combo into Hsien-ko’s :dp: Atk mid-screen?(without assists?)

  1. Personally i say battery, but i guess it all comes to personal preference.
  2. Yes
    [*]Cr.:h:, F.:h:, :rdp::m:, Cr.:h:, F.:h:, :rdp::m:, Cr.:h:, F.:h:, :rdp::m:, St.:s:, J.:h:, J.:s:, :qcb:ATK+ATK(mash) DMG: 630 k
  3. I think she does.
  4. To annoy the hell out of your opponent, and slow the pace of the game.
  5. i do not think so.


I start her as a battery and if all goes well she becomes my anchor.
I find she can be deadly with hyper armor and lvl 3 xfactor although i do use it often when I only have 2 characters left (normally to help her regen health) and other things

And with ive seen with xfactor people comboing into her light pendulum


How can Hsien-ko be a good battery? her opening game is terrible. Her combos charge no bar at all if compared to other characters.

  1. Its either go back, activate rimoukon then hard tag to another character or play her in the second position, charge two bars then DHC into rimoukon
  2. with one bar, no. She can only loop Tenrai Has in the corner for +1000k damage
  3. yes, ask llnd
  4. annoy with gongs and pokes, then with the help of your assist go for high low and left right mixups. Or go rimoukon then hardtag
  5. of course

  1. She is best as a supporting(2nd) character. Besides armor, the assist is good for extending combos and a bit of lockdown. All DHCs are safe on block(except for rimoukon in some situations) with chireitou or tenraiha being an added pressure tool due to the low recovery especially on chireitou. Chireitou gives your THC an otg. Tenraiha DHC is kind of good for a surprise AA, good for baiting invul hypers, can set-up tenraiha loop if done right, and is a short range storm ice storm that’s good for happy birthday’s. Best with xf2+assist. Armor means no worries about incoming mix-up and a good counter for ouroborous, dark phoenix, meter stocked vergil, pretty much any xf3 character.

You can try her as 1st/point, but she’s not a very good battery and you’ll mainly have to focus on resets/ground oki to get good damage which isn’t too preferable in this game that favors one touch kills.

2.Off certain starters, yes. Otherwise find a character that can continue a combo after chireitou>hard tag if that counts.

  1. Yes. Mid-air and mid-screen too. (st.M, cr.H, L gong)x3 work in the corner and midscreen. (j.H, L gong)x3 in mid-air.

  2. Defend yourself with gongs, f+M/H anki hou H, tenraiha until you have them close enough to get in a blocked normal+senpu bu or just blocked senpu bu. Then call assist for mix-up opportunity. Even if they’re not biting it, make advancements with her plink dash+horizontal/beam assist. Use armor straight up to give yourself space or to counter install hypers(berserker charge, spiral swords, astral vision). From there, hard tag when your opponent is running away or continue to play point and reset your neutral game.

5.Yes but you must hit cr.H, f+H point blank for L senpu to combo.


Mr llnd i actually have a question for you, havent you considered dropping Chris for Firebrand? Firebrand/Hsien-ko/Amaterasu can compete 1on1 vs the top tier teams in my opinion, its a one touch and you are probably dead team. I know your team is fan based (as is mine) but in my opinion Firebrand has godlike synergy with Hsien-ko (truly unblockable setups with sempu bu on wake-up that cant be evaded through hard tags, tenrai-ha into luminous body = unblockable against incoming character, Armored sempubu + firebrand = loleasy hitconfirms, Firebrand lv3 hyper tech with sempu bu-dark hole/zak bennet style). I have tried a Firebrand Hsien-ko (sempu bu) Dorm (dark hole) team but if somebody can make those teams shine its you.

  1. Well I would say that hsien-ko could fit as either as both support and anchor (if people know how to use her well). I could say with proper team setup and assist, you could make hsien-ko as a pressure character or a lock-down character.

2.The only thing I could think of is the Tenraiha loop if you have lvl 5 stock (Tenraiha --> Henkyou Ki M —> repeat the first one)****

  1. I am not sure of it but I think she does.

  2. Try to make sure that she doesn’t die too fast and she needs a lot of help with assists. Due to her speed I would say using her Senpuu Bu is the best way to cover up her mobility but try not to make it too predictable. If you ran out of assist, the golden armor would suit best in this situation (with Xfc).
    -Golden armor suits in both sides but try not to use it when your opponent has lvl 3++ as she could die if you have low health. I’ve seen players tried to do her Golden armor assist but once she was left stand, those players doesn’t seem to know what combos or hyper to do especially when they ran out of meter (and nearly dying due to the damage they take), thus panic to try to survive. My opinion is that it doesn’t show her true potential as a point character if people constantly use the same pattern. So I only use it when I’m in a really bad position.
    -Gongs works best against projectiles and beams (except hypers) especially her H version. Try using it before going for Senpuu Bu as once she gets hit her reflector projectile disappears. I have a friend who mentions to me that at a certain range you can use it to stop “Bionic arm” move but haven’t tested it yet.

  3. Technically I never tried it before so no.