A few questions regarding LEDs in Buttons


I have some 30mm Seimitsu PS-14s, and one 24mm button. I’m planning on getting the Uila S Flash for use in my 30mm buttons, but the only wiring tutorial I could find was for the light-up-on-press method, wheras I just want it to be lit up always. Would I need a secondary LED controller to achieve that? Also, what kind of LED is recommended for use inside a 24mm button?


For 24mm buttons use the Pele 24mm LED Rings, it attaches on the outside with LEDs shining in.
Other wise you have to drill and manually fit 3mm LEDs inside.
Pele is meant to be use with screw in buttons.

The Paradise Kaimana LED Controller Board is the most flexible as its programmable

but if you just want always lit buttons with no animations or effects you don’t even need a LED controller board.
You can wire together some resistors, 1 for each LED board and solder it all up on some pref board.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Ok! The Pele’s definitely seem like the way to go. Is there a schematic you could direct me to for wiring them directly to the on board PCB?


Uilas don’t need resistors, right?


I dont think so.


I’d recommend wiring a switch of some sort for tournament situations; depending on your LED’s, all of them on at once could draw a bit of current, and I like to have the option to keep my draw on the factory end of things for tournaments; I’ve seen overzealous modders create 750mA monstrosities that only cause problems when a second stick is plugged in, so having a way to turn off your excess current draw to minimize problems is a good idea. But maybe not. It’s a good idea to see how much your setup draws in the end, though; not too hard to figure out and/or measure.


Alright, perhaps I’ll just stick with doing a light up on press setup then. It’s a little more impressive anyway.