A few random questions about Ken

  • Does lp srk, kara lp srk works on everyone (midscreen) ?

  • Same question for cr. lk, cr. lp xx lp srk

  • I noticed that in the corner, you can do lp dragon, mp dragon on Chun Li and Makoto. Does it work on other characters ?

  • What’s the point of doing mp, hp, fireball xx sa3 instead of directly doing mp, hp xx sa3 (without the fireball) ? Few years ago nobody did that but now it seems like the norm at top levels.

  • Are there any option selects useful for Ken ?

Thanks to anyone who can help !

theres a thread on who it works on, in detail. sometimes you dont even have to kara it in the corner. sorry but i cannot find a link. ill keep looking

there is a thread on that too lol lemme get this one. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=139810

yes, i think Q and some other wide-falling sprited characters.

its more consistent and easier to hit confirm imo, even so, i dont use it, i try my best to hit confirm the target combo raw into super, it does more damage because of the damage scale the fireball does.

only option select i use is walk up down parry~throw. its imperative ur in throw range or u’ll eat a nasty combo. if it parries s.mp s.hpxxshippu. plenty of time to hit confirm. c.mk is preferrable though.

Good job

[]cr.MK / s.MP jab DP -> jab DP = Q, Necro, Elena
]cr.MK / s.MP jab DP -> kara DP = Shotos, Urien, Chun-Li, Makoto, Twelve[/LIST]Corner:[LIST]
[]s.MP, s.HP jab DP -> jab DP = Shotos, Urien, Chun-Li, Makoto, Twelve, Q, Necro, Elena
]s.MP, s.HP jab DP -> kara DP = Ibuki, Remy, Hugo
[]cr.MK / s.MP jab DP -> jab DP = Shotos, Urien, Chun-Li, Makoto, Twelve, Q, Necro, Elena
]cr.MK / s.MP jab DP -> kara DP = Yun, Yang, Oro[/LIST]From: http://mopreme.livejournal.com/ – His data might be little more organized and easier to understand than mine.

I know it’s really silly, but I will always use the fb when I am sure the BnB has connected, like after a good cross-up j.MK. It’s silly since I use it because it’s my favorite super animation in the game. :rofl:

That is the only situation I use the fb though. It’s too easy to parry that fb after strong, fierce. It’s practically a free low forward super for your opponent.

So the twins HAVE to be kara’ed, and can only be juggled in the corner?

yup, and the jab fireball in strong-fierce super gives you a bit of meter.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the strong, fierce, fireball xx shippu does 1 point of damage less than strong, fierce xx shippu. Would there be a difference in damage reduction of you use a Fierce Fireball instead of Jab Fireball?

Yes but this thread is more execution oriented. I would like to know when it works and when it doesn’t.

That makes perfectly sense. Like when Urien players always cancel a fireball into aegis in the corner.

I think the damage reduction would be the same. IMO it’s a better deal to give up on one point of damage and fill your super meter.

same reduction

Not saying I disagree with what you’re saying overall, but to clarify, Urien’s do fireball xx Aegis because the fireball usually locks the opponent down. Similar to Denjin-Ryu throwing fireball xx Denjin. The fireball keeps opponent pinned down long enough for the Aegis to travel and solidify.

Read my post in that thread. :sweat:

Thanks ! ^_^!