A few simple questions

Alright, fell in love with USF4 and Skullgirls so I’ve got a few questions.

Been looking into a getting a stick. Went to Eightarc’s site and saw the Q4 and Fusion, but can’t tell any functional difference between them. If they have the same parts and everything, is the only difference the exterior?

I’ve never owned a console, so all of my experience has been on PC. I’ve noticed that suddenly that I’ve found fighting games are so commonly console exclusive. Is it worth getting a PS3(PS4?) to play the console-exclusive titles or is there a future for PC fighting game releases? I’ve been eying Tekken, Blazblue, and Guilty Gear if it matters.

Because I’m easily confused I’ll probably have more questions so thanks in advance to the people that answer them.

tekken 1-6 only accessible via emulators, 7 is exception.
Same for sf1-3.
same for doa 1-2 with 5 and Doa Onla as exception.
Guilty gear xrd?just get a ps4.
blazblue CS extend not enough? Ps4.

There’s other fighting games I don’t think steam gettin, that under night in birth thing and a few others.

Can’t help with the stick question, besides pointing you here: What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

As far as console, I’m currently holding out with my 360 and pc combo (with compatible stick) to see what happens with future releases. It seems like PS4 is probably the way to go for console, unless you really want to play killer instinct. However, there isn’t much incentive aside from GG Xrd to rush out and buy a ps4 right this second. The prices for PS4s and PS4 sticks will only go down, especially after SFV arrives and madcatz and others introduce more budget friendly sticks.

The Q4 and Fusion are the same stick for most intents and purposes. Same control board, same stick, same buttons, same shell. The main difference are the placement of the start button and the Q4 having a carry handle.

My Q4’s handle broke after about a year of use. Not sure if this is common and it was just poorly made, and in any case it’s pretty easy to fix, but something to note nonetheless.

The door to the usb cord compartment on my fusion broke off after about 6 months (frequent travel though). Other than that it’s a solid stick imo.