A few Street Fighter questions

Hi! I was just wondering if the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for PS2/XBox was the typical copy used to play SSF2T and 3rd Strike at Evo and other competitions?

Also, what is the best SNES version of SF2? Currently out on the Wii VC is SF2 and SF2T, with SSF2 coming out quite soon. I ended up getting SF2T:Hyper Fighting and I was hoping I made a good investment and don’t have to pay another 8 bucks for an updated version!

Thanks a lot for any replies.

This gets asked way too much. And yes PS2 is used for 3s but not for ST cuz AE is not ST. If u want a good version of ST theres one in CCC2.

Sorry about overasking this question. I had tried searching for it but hadn’t really found anything.

What is CCC2?

And best SF2 for SNES? Thanks.

Nobody plays anything but ST or AE. And I don’t think you’ll find decent comp on VC.

Capcom Classics Collection, Vol. 2

People seem to think Hyper Fighting is the best SF2 on the SNES…but to me, they’re so different from the arcade version I never like playing them…

NKI said that at Evo, Gian cancelled all of his money matches because CCC2 ST has input lag.

I keep hearing that the ST featured in the PSX/Saturn SF Collection is one of the best translations to date? :looney:

Alrighty, so is CCC2 still the version used at Evo? I’m still a little confused.

I basically just want to pick up:

The best 3S version: AE
The best SSF2T: CCC2

And the best SNES version, regardless if the port from arcade to home was sucky.

Was SF2T:HF the best SNES version? Or is investing in SSF2 a worthy investment?

SSF2 is the best snes version easily. The control inputs for HF are off, plus SSF2 runs smoother.

CCC2 is the current version. If the input lag issue is correct, then there are no “good” home ports of ST (I haven’t been near a copy to test since I heard the news…shrug).

ST is a cursed game. It was coded by 100 mad men locked in a basement with an innocent CPS2 dev kit to probe, rape and defile. We will be long dead and buried before science can unravel its terrible secrets. Then maybe…just maybe…there will be a way to reproduce a perfect home version of this wretchedly beautiful game.

Then again, there is always ST Remix. :dp::woot:

As for SNES: I was a Genesis man back in the day. :wgrin: They’re ports of two different SF games. Go with the port of the game you prefer. Neither are gonne ba accurate anyways.

thought they used japenese standalone SF3 version for ps?

Well crap. I guess I bought the lesser quality SNES version -_-.

Thanks anywho.

I would not suggest buying the SNES ports; they’re not very good. Buy both volumes of the Capcom Classics Collection if you need your SFII fix.

I have heard that there is a multitude of problems with the ST on CCC2. Apparently different levels, (stages) have slight speed problems, and that there is input lag and all kinds of silly stuff.

what’s funny is people get mad about home st not being arcade perfect, despite it not being in arcades in a decade.

Lol, okay here this is what it comes down to
3s - SFAE US PS2/XBox, OR the Japanese version of 3S for PS2
ST - CCC2 (I don’t really like it, but it’s the closest you’ll get folks)

For older version of the game like WW, CE, HF as of right now I think there are NO perfect ports. CCC1 is NOT arcade emulated it’s basically the remixed versions on the Saturn or PS1 port, I’m not sure.

I was thinking about that myself. The demand for a 100% faithful port is becoming irrelevant for a game that is 13 years old and has never had an arcade perfect translation. People are still playing it in spite of minor and (at this point) inconsequential differences, so really… pick the best port, accept it as the competitive standard, and move on. I bet a good number of today’s best ST players have never even played the game in arcades, so the insistence on perfectionism is getting a little absurd.

Uhhhh, look at alot of the best ST players… Japan, they only play on arcade, US, they’re so old they were probably around when the arcade was made (Okay, bad joke) But even me as an 18 year old, still play ST on arcade. So yeah, that was NOT a smart assumption.

p.s. You are not a warrior, you are a beginner.

japan is irrealavent. they couldn’t give 2 shits about a home port.

us ya a lot of the scene is made of old men who refuse to change. you may be playing arcade st but how many people do you think have access to that right now?

the arcade scene has been dead here for a long time. on top of that, any current arcade op who likes being able to pay bills isn’t going to put st in his or her arcade. everyone who doesn’t like this port should accept one game and move on.

People want a good port of ST for the same reason 3S, CvS2 and MvC2 heads want accurate ports of their favorite games. It isn’t just a bunch of random whining from crotchity old men.

Now…stay the fuck off my lawn. I don’t care if your ball accidentally bounced onto it. It’s mine now.