A few things about this game that gets to me

I get so tired of the same Blanka, M. Bison, Sakura, Sagat, Vega matches that it bores me. Mainly the reason why people play with these characters is because:

They’ve probably watched some vids and got inspired.That these characters are the most dominate characters on the game and people believe they have a better shot at winning with them. I must add…nice logic but a wack ass approach. They’re so easy to use that it doesn’t take long to master them.

Personally, I don’t give much props to people that play with top-tier characters all the time…it straight up make me yearn. Why can’t some people just try to play with the rest of the roster? They’re on the game for a reason. It make things more enjoyable and interesting when the majority of the roster gets used. You won’t believe how much props you’ll get for playing with low to mid tier characters because it takes skill. In my book, that’s what defines an all-around CVS 2 player when you can play with damn there anybody or any groove on the game with skill to beat any other character or groove on the game. I bet there’s plenty people in world that hasn’t tried to attempted that yet. At least I can say I’m working on it.

People use top tiers becuase they want to win. I don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as you make it seem nowdays though. A lot of people only have one top tier character in their team now. Occassionaly some may have two, but I rarely ever see 3 top-tiers in a team anymore. When I’m saying top tiers I’m talking about the absolute elite, no-skill, useable in any groove characters. The fact is that there are so many ‘very good’ charaters in CvS2 that you can easily get away with having no top-tiers in your team, provided the rest of your team is made up of upper tiers, and you’re solid with them. An example of this is that high level CBS is pretty much extinct nowdays. People would rather use characters they like, that were tailor made for the groove they’re using. This has caused much more diversity, or at least over here.

I’m not saying to don’t see Blanka or Sagat every 2nd match anymore, just that you don’t see CBS vs CBS, or BSB vs BSB anymore.

Good luck winning Evo with N-King/Kyosuke/R-2Dan.

I give props to whoever wins period. Who they use should be no nevermined to anyone. If it’s “so easy” to win with a specific character, then you pick the character and see if you can out think them with the same character. If you still lose, it’s because they’re simply a better player.

But the fact is that there are good players in the game for a reason. Capcom didn’t just say: “Well let’s make everyone the exact same way with the exact same moves.” Because that would be boring. More boring than what you claim CVS2 is.

Read Ponder’s post on “balance” and the scrubbiness that comes from this complaint for an expansion on what I’m telling you. And the good thing about CVS2 is that you CAN win with low-mid tier characters. Look at some of the Japanese players who use Dhalsim, Maki, etc… You can use the rest of the cast, it just takes a LOT MORE to win with them and a LOT MORE involvement in the game.

But specific characters will always have an edge over other characters. That’s just the way all games are going to be. That is, unless you give everyone the same moves, the same recovery on those moves, etc… Talk about fucking boring.

look on the bright side… everyone that uses those characters plays them all similarly…

and I use kyosuke as my start off characters… hes so rarely used… I could get away with almost everythin… not mush ppl kno what he is capable of…

Rotfl :wow:

Hey man I hear what you’re saying, and I agree.

The other day I was thinking to myself… "I’m sick of Sagat"
I literally dont like him as a character… (although he does give the easy win… playing him makes me cry at night…)

But yea man, take it from me who has used almost every character in the game (in almost every grove at some point in the past) Their is a good reason to use the tops that you didnt mention.

Thats to learn their weaknesses.

But its like your say here in Michigan, allot of people just hop on the bandwagon and play with out PRIDE… Don’t get upset over those bums.

BTW: We should hook up one day and play a bunch of 1 on 1 games. I find that the best way to really get better is to play one person for an extended period of time. Hit me up.

I’ll agree that it’s easier to pickup wins against low/mid-level players, but high-level competition should be still be able to do well against you regardless of the characters you pick.

I still don’t understand why people think it’s easier to master top tiers than it is to master a low tier. Just because you’ve reached the point where you can get win streaks, doesn’t mean that you’ve mastered your characters. It just means that you’re winning more; and you’re winning more because your characters are easier to use and more effective in general.

I don’t mind when people play top tiers and are actually IMPRESSIVE with them (IE: they know the characters in-and-out and aren’t just whoring one or two things that make them really good). I’ll agree it’s kinda annoying to see people whore top tiers and suck with them, but why hate on people who’ve taken the time to actually get really good with the characters? If it really were that easy to MASTER top tiers, you would see complete no-namers from random states getting EVO top 8 with teams like A-sak/bison/blanka or whatever else is considered top tier. It doesn’t happen though.

out of the whole game, I hate fighting Hibiki, Nakororu, and Maki the most…oh yea…Chun Li and Morrigan too. All girls…no top tiers…

but yea, I’m tired of seeing the same shit all the time too…it’s just no fun

chunners is top tier

It makes you yearn? For what? Fame and fortune?

My mistake on the spelling…I meant “yawn”.

Then don’t play, it’s that simple.

stop flaming nick :tdown:

When I saw that you posted I was interested. Lets see what Nick T had to say… I thought to myself.

But now Im just utterly disappointed.

Next time I see you post something I dont think Ill look … since now you have a blemish on your record.

Why do people post useless things (such as this post) on srk?

actually i think he has a point. since cvs2 is like that at higher lvl player, markudea is going to have to learn to accept “boring” matchups. if he can’t then he might as well not play cuz sure as fuck no one is gonna drop sagat just cuz some people hate watching sagat vs sagat match(and other similiar characters).

Alright alright, let me try to explain.

Everybody has to learn the game at some point. No matter what character is used. But instead of trying to figure most things out, all I hear is bitching. Whether it be here or in FGD.

That’s why we get stupid questions in this thread without specific things from new people. Notice how all the crappy questions are from new players. I understand that they may be starting out, but i’m seriously tired of seeing the same crap over and over again.
“Sagat cr. fierce?? Fuck that shit CvS2 suxorss”

But the thing that new players don’t take into account is strategy or ways around it. I understand that new players need to find their flow or whatever. But do they have to complain?

That’s why the forums aren’t as busy as they should be.

  1. Same questions over and over.
  2. Questions having no real strategy value to them. (In terms of size of discussion, or ways of “expanding” a strategy.)

And Obot:

Not to sound like a jerk or anything. But most of the forum posts aren’t exactly “worthwhile.” I have no problem with you but I honestly don’t think that my post should’ve been pointed out with most of the other crap that goes around these forums.

It’s pretty weird but SO true. Look at this…Buk creates a “ask me questinos thread” to stop repetitive shit. But then look what happens PPB and Obot do the same thing. I mean in NOW WAY does this show their skill as a player, however it does increase the prolonged repetitvness of the SRK FGD.

nah i’m not talking about the Popoblo and Obot threads…

I’m talking about the overall quality of the forums as a whole.
Everything, from the questions posted to the replies to the way the strats are discussed. There’s no expansion in the discussions.

It’s like listening to sports announcers. One guy says something informative, then the other guy talks about whatever and babbles and may throw in a bit of info but no real big production is made.

it’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to have any sort of online forum that, as a whole is overall high in quality, unless every individual is screened before being allowed to become a member.

for every post that’s informative and worthwhile, there are like 50 others that generally mean nothing and prove nothing.

that’s the nature of online forums (at least imo).

I used to hate the top tier shit but you get used to it, I can’t stand chun li though and sakura. cvs2 can be fun game, but sometimes it feels so fucking stupid to play.