A few things to read before Reporting posts

It’s become apparent that some people have been using the “Report Post” button like it’s Neg rep.
Keep in mind we have a “Reject” button for those we find innane but I know I would personally appreciate if people stop submitting posts that obviously don’t require mod intervention.
Here’s just a few things to keep in mind.

[]Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a troll
]Someone calling you out on something erroneous/stupid you said is not flame baiting or trolling.
[]“Foul language” is not something we moderate intensely. Granted there are a few words that we do not accept but those are few and I believe some of them are filtered out (filter incoming if not yet active). You getting called a dumbfuck does not require mods to step in. Chances are it requires you to stop being a dumbfuck.
]We don’t judge what contributes to a conversation or not. Someone going off topic is normal and will happen. You don’t need to report that.
[*]Please don’t report someone just because you can’t find a counter argument to their point and they got you cornered.
It would make moderation much easier. I like the reporting system and all but goddamn does some bullshit get sent to that queue sometimes.