A few things

Ok. Just to clarify I’m playing on PS2 edition one just in case it isn’t a perfect transistion.

How do you make Poison come out when playing Hugo? Holding start and taunting doesn’t seem to work.

Also how many characters can Yang and Yun hit with a zempo tenshin and do a launching mid kick? I know Chun and Makato works. Any others? And if not why them since they are kind of small. Thanks.

I believe it’s up+taunt for the Poison thing. Start would pause the game…

Chun, Makoto, Q. That’s all I think.

I see thanks. It worked. I wanted to do the taunt since I was curious what Tweleve would do with X-Copy. It seems however Tweleve can not mimic the effects of taunts just like he throws no rose or Basketball nor even goes invisible if he X-Copy Tweleve.