A few tips and tricks

Okay, some of these are pretty valuable to just tell to everyone, but every sean player needs help (considering he’s regarded as the worst character in the game, all of whose moves can be replaced by better ones from other characters).

He has lots of mix-up potential. One of the best tricks in your arsenal is the fake tackle. If your opponent likes blocking on wakeup, throw a close fierce, then an emtpy tackle, and throw. Sean recovers very quickly from the empty tackles. And to really throw them off, you should plan on tapping a few jabs or shorts, possibly into super if they get the idea in their head to try and throw you. You should also plan on eventually letting it connect.

Furthermore, the ex tackle is almost useless in concept, but is pretty damn good against air-fireball uriens (hadou-burst damage and a good show), and nobody ever expects the fake… they always block. After an empty ex tackle, go ahead and throw. It burns some meter, but it’s almost a guaranteed throw. Either that or quickly go into an overhead, but watchout if they have a super as his command overhaed recovers very slowly. However, you can also dash back and sweep after the emtpy ex tackle, which usually works.

The close, standing fierce has lots of potential for combos and mixups. you can do an ex axe kick afterwards, combo into the tackle, combo into a light tornado and recover quickly enough to throw or tech an opponent’s retaliation, or do a basketball if you’ve got them completely psyched out, which is doubtful but a possibility.

Also, the strong-roundhouse chain is very useful, as it recovers as quickly as ken’s gay forward kick and does decent damage. It works as an anti-air–both hits will connect. It’s a good way to fill the void after a jump-in if you’re missing super meter. It might link, but I doubt it.

Lastly, he has a close roundhouse (the knee) that can link into hyper tornado. The timing is pretty fast, but it’s much safer to try and link if you see it connect than cancel when you can’t depend on your reaction time.

roll! it throws people off all the time

shinku hadouken - middle punch roll
denjin haouken - short punch roll

just roll right under those bitches

use the basketball to throw people off so if they think its an overhead as many do you can sweep them while they block it standing up. If they don’t think its an overhead use his axe kick to follow up the basketball

SAIII goes under projectiles - hoard this ability; nobody expects something like it to come from Sean