A fight at Chinatown Fair?

I heard there was a fight at CF between like 20 chinese guys and 3 black guys. Does anyone know anything about it? I passed by it on saturday and they were closed; was it because of this fight?

Someone post, I am curiouse.

Ok, this is from what I have heard from Arturo…

Some of the guys from CF went to the park nearby to hang out, because we are NO LONGER PERMITTED to stand even on the street the arcade is in because the cops in the area have been harassing the owner, giving everyone tickets for loitering, etc.

So they went to the park to hang out. Logical, since it’s close, has seats, and is open. They got into a fight with a bunch of asians because they went to the park, which is basically what the cops made them do. :wow:

So the asians just felt like fighting? Were they drunk or something?

who won?

power in numbers

Did they know kung fu?

They’re asians, of course they know kung fu.

Damn… that sounds pretty crazy. Hope they weren’t triads or something.