A fightersgeneration site like only dedicated to rpg games?


is there any?
im new to the rpg thing so im curious
currently playing:




Front Mission 3 didn’t have a case

Can you guys give me a new case? No.
Okay, no instructions. a couple percent off?

you guys did this before when I bought a broken case/stolen front cover Capcom versus SNK on Dreamcast, last one left. Like 10%

Big sigh, looks over, while he looks thru the drawers instead of ringing up this game.

(I think he means game FAQs. That’s an acronym, you say each letter individually, “Frequently Asked Questions”)

“Just go there!!”

$14.99 + tax

game faqqs, wtfuqq,
that guy has a “job” :bluu:

Also in instruction book humor:
The only part in the instruction book martian took to heart:

is that “If you press a lot of buttons while getting hit, maybe you can lessen your damage!”



i should of known better not to post around here…


If there is…it’s run by some ditzy Squaresoft fangirl who squees over male characters who are the epitome of “Dude Looks Like A Lady” (you know, the protagonists and party members of the afore-mentioned in 99% of jrpgs out there).


I’ve never once found a forum like that, and I guess that’s the reason these types of games don’t make it to the US that often. Well that’s if you mean JRPGs.

If you just mean Bethesda games, probably hanging around Nexus works, and a few other spots.


Try skyrimforums.org. They mostly focus on Bethesda games but they do put up some stuff for other RPGs.