A Fighting Game on the Nintendo 64? Can't be


So, A few friends and I recently began writing a blog about Indie, Obscure and Underground videogames that don’t have any real following to speak of. The first article I wrote was dedicated to a bizarre poverty fighter made by Konami, for the N64, of all things, titled Rakuga Kids.

The game is pretty average in terms of gameplay, it’s something like a slow-paced anime-fighter, but solid nonetheless. Everything else (you know, the parts that don’t matter) is top-notch. Slick, gorgeous animation, catchy music. It’s worth checking out, for it’s novelty value, if nothing else.

Rakuga Kids

(I’m not sure if it’s okay to link to something in this manner, but I didn’t see anything that says otherwise; If anyone has a problem with this, I’ll reformat the write-up as a proper post here.)


The 64 had Fighter’s Destiny. There was a character in the game, a cow, that would bend you over and side fuck you to death.


Check that victory dance at the end of the fight. Too funny.


mortal kombat trilogy


Let’s not forget about Clay Fighter 63 1/3




What about flying dragons, I thinks that was the name






I loved that game, played it erryday like a boss