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I whole heartidly agree with this sentiment. More fighting is good and Sagat Vs Adon is going to be awsome to see! Espically as how arrogant they both are (assuming its before Sagat got that scar that eventually sorted him out).

Now I really want #9.

And Cannon Busters seems to be rather intresting too. Gotta love those designs.

Wow, 8 pages. That’s almost as long as the actual comic Oo Or… at least, half as long. Cool beans.

and the actual comic is actually 20 pages in issue 9… yes, everyone went nuts… we end up have to go to our publisher and cancel all their ads in that book (u know, those Transformers, hasbro ads that they have sold) thus became a little problem in terms of everyone’s revenue… but all in all, issue 9 has a solid 20 page main story, souble size 8 pager back up, and your standard 2 page cheap shots.

The files just went to the printers, so 3 to 4 weeks, it will be on shelves.

Very awesome! I think the actual comic part is usually 18 pages, so it sounds like we’re getting 2 more, plus 4 more pages than usual for the backstory!

This wouldn’t happen to be the “big surprise” would it?

Edited to add: Can we expect these to be the same price as usual?


This is awsome!I can,t wait for issue 9!I new a sagat and adon fight had to be longer than a regular back up story!Thanks undoneko for making such a street fighter comic series.

Truly an awesome yet noble Sacrifice for your fans.:cool:
But I doubt thats the big surprise.

now number 9 sounds like its gonna be what street fighter is all about:cool:

Damn good shit :cool: keep it up

Great news. It’s nice to see a backstory with more substance and size. Looks like it’s going to be pretty damn good.

Looks hot!

Wow… can’t friggin wait!!

I was about to post this caus ei’m watching the sf2 movie and i remember he mentioned his brothers a mvc2 champ. Did anyone catch that.

"How huge of a Street Fighter fan is Thomas? Huge! Right now, Keron Grant and I are locked in a battle of Makoto Versus Necro in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike at hotels at Cons we attend. After signings, its just us and the Dreamcast! [laughs] Also, my younger brother is Sanford Kelly, one of the best Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 players in the world, winning tournaments all over the nation, so I get my practice when I ever I visit home. [laughs] Ive been playing since Street Fighter 1. Im totally immersed, so having the opportunity to contribute a back-up story to the franchise next to Kaare Andrews, Joe Madureira, Josh Middleton among other monster artists is a huge honor.

Any word on the exact date SF#09 is coming out? I hate to keep bugging Erik about it, but I’d really like to know, since I’d need to give a college buddy from another city the heads up to grab them for me (no kidding). My comic shop is such a shithole, I’m surprised they’re still in business. It seems they are constantly turning down my money. Anyhow, when I asked again about getting me Street Fighters (my MAIN comic), they gave me this BS where they don’t pull comics for people over the summer since they need to order 2-3 months in advance and couldn’t order extra Street Fighters for me. Maybe they just don’t like me?


Ah so this would mean first week of August or second week of August then? Forgive me if this was discussed anywhere else. Last I had read you guys were aiming for last week of July, but that’s sort of a blessing in disguise. I guess. for me since I’m gonna be preparing for Evo and may miss out on the comic release if it were the last week of July.