A funny thing about the Toshiba 4xH8x line

So I have a Toshiba42H81, and naturally I’ve come across the problem of audio and video blinking out with a [pop]. I even brought it to a repair guy and he had it running for 5 hours without hitch. That got me thinking, next time it crapped out on me. What if it was movement that was key to getting it to work again? Sure enough, that did the trick on subsequent pop-deaths.

So last night, moving the set failed to work. I got it to work a bit today, then no luck for hours. Finally, I decided I hadn’t walked the tv far enough and dragged it around the entire living room- which got it working again. Until I brought it back to its official spot. Then, no luck.

So I started pushing on the panel with the AV and coax ports. Bingo. wtf? What do you think is loose? I’d like to get it fixed, but I don’t need another jerkoff insisting it’s “more than likely the convergence.”