A Game I Am Working On

Some screenshots of a game I am working on. Any feedback would be great.

It’s a horror visual novel which I am planning to release on xbox 360 indie games.








Not a genre I’m a fan of but I really like your art :tup:

looks like shit

Cheers bro, I’m the coder not the artist but yeah he’s really good :slight_smile:

Agreed on the art. That pierced guy looks insane.

Great visuals so far. I can’t exactly comment on anything else with screenshots.

I’ll try to get a demo together in the next week or so.

art looks great. text boxes look cheese. really ruins it for me. right now it clashes with the art rather then complimenting it. bevel effect looks cheap, and the type could use some more line spacing.

I’m envious of anyone who’s making games, getting their names out there. I don’t own a 360, but keep up the good work. That last image is freaky.