A game idea that I'm working on

So I have a bunch of ideas for games that are either something that I can make quickly or something that would be a long-term commitment. I decided to share this one, because I know that I could get a lot of input from SRK, and I think this type of game would appeal to you guys. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible and give you the important details. This game idea is something for the long-term, so unfortunately it’s not something that will get done until I’ve established my career. The stuff that’s in spoilers were copy-pasted from my design document, so I apologize in advance if something doesn’t make sense.

The tentative title is Style Fighter. It’s a sidescrolling brawler that would play a lot like River City Ransom, which is my favourite game of all time. The basic story is that a mysterious gang leader named Loki unified all the local gangs and created an anarchic society, allowing anyone to do whatever they want without consequence. It’s your job to take out Loki and restore order to the city, blah blah.

The game’s name comes from your ability to pick from different fighting styles. Each style has a skillset, and each skill can be leveled up to 5 times. If you max out a skill, it will get an additional effect, and not just a stat boost. You can pick from the following starting styles:

The 6 starting styles


**Boxer-Style: **This style focuses mainly on punching attacks, and guarding against punches. Boxer-Style also employs some counter attacks. There are no kick skills at all, mobility is average, and jump height is low.

Grappler-Style: This style is for players who enjoy getting close to their opponents. The benefits of Grappler-Style are most skills deal high amounts of damage. The drawback, however, is that the player won’t gain much in the way of speed, and will have to rely on other means to increase mobility. Grapplers have to get close to deal damage, so they will have to figure out ways to get in.

**Kicker-Style: **A style that focuses mainly on kick skills, and guarding against kick attacks. The obvious drawback is there are no punch skills, and punch attacks in general are weak.

**Counter-Style: **Focus is on counterattacking the opponent and defending against different types of attacks, including those that cause status ailments. Counter moves deal high damage, but the player needs to time their moves properly or they leave themselves open. Counter damage is higher in Counter-Style than any other class. Several moves have autoguard, meaning moves will be automatically blocked while attacking.

Dirty-Style: For players who like to use all manner of weapons. This style increases the damage dealt by weapons, and extends their durability. Additionally, you can learn skills for specific weapon types. The drawback to Dirty-Style is you need to have a weapon in order to use any of the skills. Without a weapon, you have limited options.

Free-Style: The most flexible style. This is an open style, meaning players can learn most moves from any style. The player can have up to three styles, as opposed to two. The only restrictions are that it takes more points to learn a new skill, so it’s not possible to completely master any one style. Also, Free-Style users get no bonuses to stats, and movement and jump are average. Free Style is for players who want to be a “jack of all trades.”

All styles have universal techniques, but their properties might be style-specific. Assuming a standard PlayStation-style gamepad, you have the d-pad for movement, the face buttons for jump, punch, kick, and guard. Throw could be guard+punch/kick. One of the shoulder buttons is used for specials, and the other button is used for Style Canceling, which I’ll explain later. All styles have the following techniques:

Universal techniques


Walk/Run**/Roll: **Press any direction to move in that direction. Double-tap a direction to run. Characters can move in 8 directions. Double-tapping up or down will cause the player to roll in that direction. Rolling is completely invincible from all attacks. The properties of walking and running will vary between styles.

**Jump:**Jumping is used to attack with aerial techniques, as well as evasion. Jump properties will vary between styles.

**Punch/Kick:**Most styles have basic punch and kick combos, and can be cancelled into various skills. The combos performed will vary, and inputting directions in combination may perform different moves. Boxers cannot kick, and Kickers cannot punch; the Boxer’s kick button will perform dashes, while the Kicker’s punch button will perform cartwheels.

**Guard:**Guard against all attacks except throws. Certain styles can perform counters using the Guard button.

**Throw:**All styles are capable of throwing. Throws can be countered by pressing the throw button during the initial grab animation. By countering throws, the attacker is briefly open to attack. Some throws cannot be escaped.

**Special:**All skills are performed with the Special button.

You can have up to four specials equipped per style and two passive skills which are shared between your styles. Specials are performed by pressing a direction plus the Special button (similar to Smash Bros).

Apparel are SF’s version of equipment. Basically, you buy pieces of clothing and they give you different effects. The clothes you equip will show on your character so you can look good while brawling. Apparel has different ranks in the form of plus signs (+). Apparel with no + is the worst, while apparel with +++ is the best. Ranks increase the effect of a given piece of gear. Apparel that has negative effects will have that effect reduced or nullified with increased rank. The plus signs would appear next to the item’s name.

Style Canceling
Style Canceling (SC) is a way to have access to your two chosen styles without having to stop to change movesets, and it also lets you create custom combos. Basically, when you’re in the middle of a move, you press the SC button and it will put you into a neutral state, and equips your next style’s moveset on the fly. SCing is controlled by a Style Gauge. Every time you SC, the gauge drops to 0 and regenerates on its own. The more you SC, the slower the regeneration. The conditions to use SC is to have 100% meter and not to whiff your attack.

Here’s a sample moveset for the Boxer-Style. There are no level requirements to learn a skill, but some skills might require other skills.


**Duck: **allows ducking, which renders you invulnerable to punch attacks. Will not work against kicks or weapons. Any ground-based move can be canceled into Duck. For example, you could punch, cancel into Duck, then follow up with another attack. At higher levels, the distance and invulnerability duration increase. At max level, Duck allows you to slip behind the enemy. Cannot be Style Canceled.

**Counter Blow!: **If the player strikes the enemy while the enemy is attacking with a punch move, he will take extra damage. Raising the skill level will increase the damage dealt, and at max level, the enemy will be stunned.

**Clinch: **When in a pinch, the player can grab the enemy, restoring a little HP. At higher levels, the amount of HP restored is increased. At max level, it will be possible to attack with gut punches during a clinch.

**Twister Uppercut: **perform an uppercut, followed by a tornado. The tornado will launch enemies into the air, making juggles possible. Damage increases per skill level, and at max level, the tornado travels a short distance.

**Dash Punch: **dash to the nearest enemy and strike. Number of punches depends on skill level. At max level, the final punch will cause the enemy to wallbounce.

**Blaster: **Charge up for a powerful punch (by holding the Special button) that deals heavy damage and can break the enemy’s guard. This skill can be performed in the air, allowing for surprise attacks. It’s possible to SC Blaster while charging. At higher levels, damage & charge rate increase. Cannot move while charging, unless the skill is at max level. Also, will not flinch against one hit at max level.

**Figure-Eight Roll: **perform a rhythmic duck then punch. Can be performed an infinite number of times (by pressing Special repeatedly after the initial command input), but you can’t move, and leave yourself open to ranged attacks. The duck will avoid punch attacks. Damage increases with each level. At max level, you can move and attack simultaneously, albeit slowly. Requires Duck skill.

**Stamina Training (Passive): **Increases HP by 5% per skill point. At max level, there’s a chance that the player will automatically revive with some HP after being KO’ed.[/details]

That’s all I want to share for now. I decided while I wrote this long ago that I wanted SRK to be involved because I know that I could get great input from you guys. When this game is underway, I’ll be coming here often.

so its a 2p version of double dragon basically

make sure the roster is preadolescent anime girls (nurse, highschool student with massive knockers, swimmer, etc…) and theres enough text to rival the next best seller

Pssh, as if Double Dragon is the top brawler. The elbow was top tier though.

Please…if anything, this game probably needs more guns. Lots and lots of guns. Oh, and a cover system.

from what i read it seems like an interesting game. can’t wait to see some gameplay when you get the game underway.