A Gen question?

I am currently working on C to Shining C and today was Gen day. But something weird happened along the way to C. I had 12 rounds end in Time Out with me chasing people all over the room. So my question. Is this normal for you Gen players to be turtled against beyond reason? I have never had to chase people like I had to with Gen and I main Bison. I put 2 hours of training into him so it is not like I was worth anything with him. Hell I finished with a 45% win rate.

I am really sorry to ruin you guys sub-forum with a pointless question but I was really curious how people play against you guys.

All depends on the player. You will find a mix of the three things. People zoning and playing lame running away. People rushing you down. People zoning until they are ready to go in for the kill. I would say the majority of people with low Player Points aren’t used to Gen. Most people who are used to him from Vanilla would probably have higher PP. Not always but IMO this is the case. But because some people don’t have experience vs a character they tend to be lame. Or that’s just the way they play. Some players who are trying new players out themselves tend to turtle a lot too. What you need to do is learn how to over time these kind of players with a few of the following.

-Dashing in and throwing them or going into a hit or block string that keeps pressure on them.
-Baiting with Feint Oga’s
-Playing Foosties, throwing out safe normals that you know will not be punished by a SRK but may bait them to try, then you can punish.
-Neutral Jump more, or don’t chase them unless they already have a lead and are playing keep away.

Yes, it’s very normal and it’s a very common occurence. Gen is an extremely limited Fighter, and he has absolutely no advantages over any kind of Strategy in the game. People can turtle, rushdown, poke, play a mind game with him, etc, and no matter what the Strategy is, the Gen player always has to play much harder, as well as much more skillfully and patiently to win, then it is for the opponent to win against the Gen player.

so far i experienced only seth, sim, vega and blanka playing a running away game for obvious reasons

btw i forgot another one: El F!"/&

If Blanka wants to wreck Gen, rushing Gen down is the best thing to do. Blanka, knock down hop mix up game is very taxing on Gen.

If someone is playing an annoying keep-away game with me, I usually just begin messing around with Oga’s, hoping to hit them as they’re dashing or jumping because it’s an easy free ultra.

But like Messiah mentioned, any Gen will get pretty much owned if they are facing any sort of rush-downy, mix-up heavy character or player since he doesn’t have many good reversal options or tools to get out of trouble more (R.I.P Wake-up EX Oga).

If they’re running away and aren’t a character that needs to be doing that, they probably don’t know how to play you or what to expect from Gen.

Just to add. If they are a run away character two things… Figure out their pattern, are they running away and justing light attacks example. Blanka, back back back light ball (this won’t reach you but they are trying to feint) back back light ball. So in this case I would do two things. Oga neutral dive, or LK Gekiro, why? to build meter. Another example. Sagat, Tiger shot Tiger Shot. I’d use HK Oga neutral to build meter. Or Focus attack vs them, then neutral jump. Let them show they are just wasting time. Neutral jump so they don’t get chip. While you Neutral Jump charge down back. Then you can get Oga ready.

Well recognizing patterns is basically what this game is all about (after controlling space obviously). Everybody has patterns, no one is random. The player that can see these patterns and capitalize on them will take the fight, unless the other player changes things on the fly.

Using hands as an anti air / reversal launches your opponent nearly a full screen away.

Usefull against Rufus at least.