A general Issue I have with Doom

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Im having an issue controlling Doom when it comes to the Down TAC infinite in the corner. As soon as I TAC Doom in, I air dash Down Forward and Fly while waiting for the enemy character to drop to my level to hit them with Two Mediums, followed by an air dash. But this is where the problem shows up. I play on your standard old xbox controller + I currently have a button mapped for dashes on my Right Trigger ( R2 for Play station players). I’ve tried mapping multiple commands to it such as L+M, L+H, M+H, L+M+H but something always seems to go wrong. When I map it to something it L + M, I go to Dash and doom just flies there doing nothing & whenever I map it with a Heavy in it, Doom just Foot Dives instead.

The interesting thing about this issue is it only seems to show up here. I can do the clockwork loop across the screen 100% of the time with no issues. Also the footdive loop in the corner is also not an issue. So I was wondering what you guys would recommend mapping my dash command to? I would like to keep it mapped to my trigger, but I need to know what command to make the trigger do, any help is greatly appreciated :smiley:

This is around a month old, but I’ll help you out just in case you’re still lost.

From what I understand, it sounds like you’re dashing too far down-forward. Cancel into flight a little earlier and you shouldn’t run into the issue.