a gief



I just want 2 say that a groove gief is the shit. Like gunter said if u are a lil more than half way on the screen and there near the corner they cant jump. A good trick I do sick when i slam them i hop over 2 them and in the middle of a hop i buffer the 360 2 slam them when there gettin up. This of coarse wont work if they have a good wake up anti air. If you are a good gief player and a good a groove player i say go for it. I use 2 play v-ism gief in alpha 3 and lemme just tell u i was scary


They can’t jump anyway. RC Lariat = too good. Zangief must be fought on the ground.

And V-Gief in A3 and A-Gief in CvS2 are two totally different entities. CvS2 A-Gief is nowhere near as good as V-Gief. You should not base your team around A-Gief - as in, you want to use A-Gief so you pick A-Groove and surround him with 2 other characters. If you are already USING A-Groove, he’s not a totally worthless character, however… especially if you have Bison/Sakura on the team.


Hey first of all i wasnt comparin the 2 i wuz just sayin. I bet roll cancled lariats r great n all but i cant roll cancle. As far as my team i dont base it around him. I use gief/rolento/eagle in a groove. But thanks for the opinion


Easiest roll cancel in the game, learn that shit, it will make your gief a million times better.


What about RC 360’s? Pros, Cons?
I think it would be a really cool thing , except if u miss it. But it still has pretty good recovery time…is it possible for this to be really effective?


I was talking to PokesYOU the other day about A-Gief. I started playing him a bit myself, and it’s definitely worth some fun if nothing else. RC SPDs would make Gief damn near unstoppable, even by, say, “Perfect Parry P-Geese.” The recovery of SPD is slightly longer than his roll invincibility though I believe. Even so… too good. Higher God-tier even. Then there’s Gief’s other 360, which would be great midrange blow-through when RCed.


He doesnt even really need RC 360’s that bad, though they sure as hell dont hurt, RC lariat if used correctly is just wrong.


what’s the best hand positioning/technique to RC lariats?



I use my thumb and pointer finger to press roll and then just roll my hand across the punch/kick buttons (depending on the situation).


Does Zangief have any good custom combos? I play with Zangief in N groove, but now I’m trying to build an A groove team and I’m thinking about putting Zangief on it. I came up with a combo that takes about half of the enemy’s life but it requires Zangief to corner the enemy, so it isn’t as practical as it could be.

The one I made up, you activate, s. fierce, s. fierce, s. fierce, s. fierce, c. roundhouse, s. fierce, s. fierce, s. fierce, then do the anti-air super (I forget the name).

If the opponent isn’t cornered, you can only get the first standing fierces and crouching roundhouse, and nothing else. What to do?