A gift to fellow Fuerte's

Finally getting around to adding custom art to my TE stick when I realize there isn’t much Fuerte art past the SSF4 and Vanilla character design pics. Feelin’ adept enough fiddlin with a wacom I decided to do a trace of our fine luchador (a decent one I do say so myself, though figuring those boots out was a bitch-and-a-half) and attempt to do a stick design. In the linked folder you’ll find the full sized flattened jpeg, and the psd with the background graphics, El Fuerte’s colors, and the lineart separated so you can change his surroundings as you see fit. I would have a photo of my completed stick here, but the copy shop I went to sucked a big fat one so I couldn’t get my art printed to put it in my stick T__T.

Sample of TE stick design

Sample of SE stick design

Fuerte Stick design for grande TE Sticks

Fuerte Stick design for pequeño SE Sticks

I would appreciate if my amigo’s would let me know what they think! I tried to emulate the TV Spot Ad when SSF4 was comin out, [media=youtube]9vbsQPRuqEg"[/media]

Hey i like it

Me gusta.

Now if I had a way to apply this to my TE S Stick then I’d be a happy camper.

Hey nice job man, I started hand painting him with my wacom a while ago but stopped halfway through. Never tried tracing, would have probably dont the job a hella lot quicker than what I was doing by hand! Good stuff either way and thanks for sharing it!

I really like it! I may use this or a custom one later on when I buy my stick!

Love it, thanks a bunch :slight_smile: Really wish there was more Fuerte art available.