A Girl's Best Friend- The Cerebella Team Strategy Thread



Discuss all there is to discuss about team construction and strategy with Cerebella! Assists, DHC’s, alpha counters, team line-up and countering other team strategies!


I’ve been trying to use Cerebella Parasoul, but I’m seriously thinking about swapping Parasoul for Valentine. Would that leave me open to being zoned out hard?


I use Cerebella/Parasoul. Parasoul has Napalm Shot assist, Cera has Diamond Drop assist.



-Cerecopter (good for lockdown or keep-away on Double)
-Hornet Bomber MK (good for getting in, carrying to the corner, mixups with glide or run)

Diamond Dynamo -> Catellite Lives anywhere
Diamond Dynamo -> Nightmare Legion anywhere but can be mistimed if done too late
Ultimate Showstopper ->Catellite Lives anywhere
Bandwagon Rushdown -> Diamond Dynamo anywhere

Alpha Counters:
Haven’t used them at all

With Cerebella on point, the aim is to get in and mix up for meterless damage, if she dies, Double comes in to clean up with Catellite Lives and zoning. If the order gets reversed, Double uses up meter on that super and tries to either lockdown/mixup with cerecopter covering the next super, or runs away and calls cerecopter to block an approach.

Haven’t developed specific strategies for matchups yet.


Since this is fairly popular topic, how do you counter a Peacock/Double team with a Cerebella team? Hornet Bomber seems to be giving a lot of players trouble.


Cerebella/Valentine. After a stagger, you can call Valentine’s Mortuary Drop assist, then easily OTG with c.MK, c.HP or c.LK, c.MK.

Midscreen, just move way back and Valentine will bounce the opponent right into your lap. Corner is easy, you don’t even have to move.


As Age_of_Fools has already said (give people credit for tech :D) if you hit a Diamond Deflector you can raw tag with Double while they’re in stagger state and it should combo.
EDIT: I tested and you can also raw tag into Peacock and it should combo.


Running Cerebella/Filia at the moment. I’m experimenting with what are some good assists for Filia. Been trying her LP DP move as a quasi-get off me. It works about half the time. I’m thinking of changing it to hairball to lay on the pressure and push the opponent to the proper distance for Merry-Go-Rilla


My experience has been that cerebella is lacking in some spots that maybe careful assist picking will fix.

Pressure from assists or one of the rushers is hard to deal with. Her mobility alone is not enough. A good counter call assist should go far in keeping assist pressure under control. Bella can deal with point pressire through patience.

Resets. Air ground grab resets are powerful except two problems.

  1. if you guess wrong you get punished. An assist call for safety is a good solve.
  2. Air grab throws them away with little followup outside corner. Maybe there is an assist to call before the reset that allows a followup anywhere. Can also use an assist that makes the combo wall carry.


I’m wondering, what assists would benefit Cerebella from Peacock/Valentine? Bella is second on this team with Peacock point and Val anchor.
I’ve currently got Peacock with Item drop and Val with Savage Bypass, but was wondering if there was any others from these two that would help her out in neutral that I may have overlooked. Maybe George’s Day out from Peacock? And maybe Mortuary Drop from Val to call while doing excellabella?


Cerecopter/Napalm Pillar

Any time you would normally do a cerecopter, in combo or out, you can use mk+hp (assist) to do it and automatically get a Napalm Pillar added in to the damage. DP+HP+mk

Can create mad pressure using Parasoul’s lk, lk, mk, mk, hp, hp ground chain.
Bring in your Cerecopter assist to continue the combo/blockstring,
Then as the assist winds down, jump in with parasoul’s multi-hitting HK and go right into the ground string again.

Rinse and repeat that for good lockdown, her long chain is enough time for assist to recharge.

Change it up with sweep or throw after assist if they are too good at blocking it


Cerecopter/Shadow of impeding doom (H)

Is it not possible to use her AA grab as an assist? I want to do some experimenting with it but the move never pops up when I input the command.


It is possible, you need to be exact about the inputs at the moment due to a bug.


I have Bella with Merry-Go-Rilla, Parasoul with Napalm Pillar, and Valentine with Savage Bypass. Cerecopter is really strong, too, but I like having the ranged command grab for Parasoul, and instead of locking down people for Parasoul’s blockstring, I can get that grab in and free combo, since I’m impatient and like to get damage now as opposed to lockdown. If I have the meter, Valentine can revive one of the other two, usually Cerebella.


If you use Cerebella/Double, with HK Hornet Bomber, you can throw it out to make 'em do something. They’ll jump, or maybe block. They can also crouch it. And if you can get them to crouch it, you can hit them with Pummel Horse.


I love Cerebella. I’m not the best with her, but I put her last because I think I can do something with her before I can with Double.

My team…

Peacock (George Day Out)
Double (HK Hornet Bomber)
Cerebella (Execellebella) <------ best anti-air assist in the game for my team.


I posted this over in the Peacock boards a while back, but…

You have Peacock and Cerebella. Peacock is on point, you have 2 meter, and you’re getting pressured. When you’re opponent is on the ground and pressuring you and there’s a gap, do Lenny super (which has invuln). While Peacock does that, look at the frozen opponent. Are they jumping? Do nothing. Are they still on the ground? DHC into Ultimate Showstopper. Not only is this a damn near guaranteed reversal since you have so long to read your opponent, but assuming Cere doesn’t slide forward after grabbing them and goes right into the bashing, she’ll drop the opponent right into Lenny’s explosion, doing a total of 7200 damage on damage multiplyer 1.

The only problems are that the explosion OTGs them negating the huge launch you’d normally get out of it and keeping you from doing anything after it, and sometimes Cere slides forward a bit after landing the super throw which keeps them from being dropped into the explosion. In any case, Cere is invuln and can’t ever be hurt by the explosion, so it’s still a way to get a nice reversal and end pressure.

Theoretically you could do this with other DHCs, but the massive amount of freeze time Lenny gives you just makes it ideal.


I run Bella/Painwheel mostly. I dont’ have a solid strategy yet, just having fun with them. I mostly use Buer Reaper/Excellabella for my assists, because it’s always nice to have an easy anti air. And both those characters have some easy OTG normals to combo the assists into.


Valentine/Cerebella here.

I used to use Mortuary Drop as my assist for the big damage potential, but I eventually abandoned it in favor of Savage Bypass (H). It’s hard to combo off Mortuary Drop unless you’re in the corner, and even then it doesn’t add that much damage to combos compared to Merry-Go-Rilla (unless you can stick a Devil Horns in there). And outside of combos, there’s really not much of a point to having a command grab assist that’s worse than Cerebella’s command grab.

On the other hand, Savage Bypass gives Cerebella a fullscreen attack that knocks the opponent towards you when it connects, and can easily be used to extend combos.

For Valentine, Excellebella basically gives you a free vial charge in the middle of any combo. And if you hit the opponent with a jab immediately after the last hit of Excellebella, it’ll completely negate their momentum so you can continue the combo (learned that one from watching Mike Z play).


i discovered a while back that this only occurs when you get them with the edge of the hitbox for ultimate showstopper. i always wondered what caused it so did some experimentation to find out the cause. move a couple steps closer to them and she will stay on the spot instead of sliding on invisible ice.

edit : also im convinced that bella/fortune have got possibly some of the best synergy in the game. cerecopter helps out fortune since you can throw out mixups like they are going out of style, Diamond drop is an easy assist to use at the end of a blockstring/during any combo for an easy reset, and by throwing in a delayed st. HK you can catch people trying to jump away as well. plus you have a million years to move fortune into place to continue the combo after bella throws them away.

supers are so easy to DHC into one another its criminal, after bellas showstopper and diamond dynamo you can go right into fortunes level 3 for a ton of damage, and from fortunes furserker purrage (head on) and her air super you can go into bellas level 3, you can easily start a combo with fortune that doesnt OTG and then DHC into bella and score around 10000 damage for only 2 meters.

the only downside i have so far is that fortune doesnt have a great range of assists, although using her DP+MK anti air seems as good as any for bella atm.