A good character to compliment Barlog?



I’m going to be participating in a team tourney league. It’ll be 4 tournaments, and for the sign-ups, I believe, you are to list 2 characters that will be your only choices for throughout each event. Now I currently main Barlog so I’m obviously going to use him to the limit, but since I have that extra character choice I feel I should use it.

What’s a good character to alt for a tourney league like this, considering matchups and preference (I’ll go into detail). I was thinking Akuma or Cammy for the reason that Akuma beats most of Rog’s bad matchups, and Cammy because she takes care of my personal worse matchups (Seth and Abel).

The other characters I’m considering are ones I’ve already dabbled with since I’ve played SSFIV, or good zoning characters for if I run into someone who completely shuts down my offense. . Akuma is one, I know standard combos, mixups, and all the like. I’d say I’m at the advanced level of Akuma’s basics if that makes any sense, and he’s zoning is decent. Deejay I’ve nearly gotten to B rank, I know his mixups and combos fairly decently. Fei Long is a character I put a lot of time into, I can pull of some crispy links and I’d say I was pretty average, but he’s a character that if I don’t indulge all of my time into him, I lose all of my skill. Sagat is a great zoner, and he’s been keeping a low profile since his nerf after Vanilla so I’d like him. I used to main him and do pretty well. The last consideration is Cody. He’s got a ton of tools, lots of easy to pull off combos, mixups, and everything. I consider him a slightly watered down Ryu.

But I’m open to pretty much everyone else. Only if it’s realistic though.

Thanks if anyone actually read all of that.

Alts to pair with Rog

cammy and akuma were my two choices that i considered. akumas stamina was too low for my liking so i picked cammy because i have a problem with getting zoned out and i needed a break from turtling. i feel that the guile and chun match ups are easier with cammy (my personal hardest matchups) but i also have a hard time against certain low tiers like gouken (i hate that old bastard). i mess around with sagat sometimes as well but idk if he’s a good complement for rog. fei long is a lot of fun as well but i have too much trouble with fireball characters so i haven’t put in too much time into him. im just a scrub so there’s probably better advice around but i would agree on cammy being a good counterpick.


Depends on the PoV.

At the end of the day, it’ll boil down to matchups. If you’re happy maining Balrog and happier knowing your alternate ‘takes care of your personal worst/pet-hate matchups’ then you may as well roll with it. I’m guessing you will never know in advance what character lists you will face so that’d be an all round good option.

Alternatively you can take the other approach - You say you struggle with the odd mid-tier… Well I think you’ll find quite a few people will be in that same boat. I’ve been playing for well over 1.5yrs but I see so few Gen’s/Fei’s/Abel’s etc on my platform that no amount of reading up of matchup will help me because I don’t get to fight them that often to REALLY get to grips with them and that can throw you off or frustrate players which is favourable in a tournament (Ironically I face quite a lot of Goukens and some of the other more obscure characters - Different for everyone).

You can safely assume the tournament players will have a solid grasp against mostly all common characters so someone like Fei (You say you enjoy) could be a decent wildcard but as you’ve said that can leave you with annoying weaknesses.

You could always just throw all nit-picking / technicalities out the window and just pick an alternate you know and enjoy as much as Rogster and just dive in headfirst.

It really does depend on your own mentality and wether you’re taking it super seriously or just for experience etc etc

Good luck either way.


I assume this is to fill your other team spots and not your alternate…but i’ll go there too.

For a character alternate for yourself…i’d go with someone you actually practice with a lot, and you know the matchups for. There are only a couple of matchups where i’d go with my Alt Gen instead of playing balrog and that’s probably akuma and sagat, because of demon palm safe jump and zoning with high/low tigershots. If your alt doesn’t have alot to offer in terms of vastly different gameplay, it’s arguably useless, especially if you play them the same as a plyer. In your case Akuma and/or fei long would be good alts…i’d bet my money on akuma though, that guy has no bad matchups.

edit: reread your post…but it’s still useful

From a team perspective you want to pick characters who play significantly different, but as characters and as players in general. i.e. a team with a honda player and a Balrog player who both turtle isn’t a bad team, but easy to get OCV’d because they play the same. When making a team you want to concentrate on teammates who play characters who don’t have your same problems as characters and play a different way. Best team IMO with Balrog is a Shoto and a Grappler/hybrid grappler (e.g. Rog, Ryu, Fuerte or Rog, Ken, Gief). Having a well rounded team makes you less susceptible to OCVs.


Pretty solid advice you guys. I think though that my original post might have been poorly written. The team tournament will be 10 teams of 5 players each. Each player can have 2 characters. I’m hands down sticking to Rog, but I only want to pick an alt, just in case some one bodies my Rog and I feel that I need the switch. I have no idea who I’m playing so that’s one thing that makes the process difficult. But I guess when I think about it, I’d probably like a great zoning character. I play a rushdown down Rog, so the way I see it is that if I get worked and can’t do a thing, I could switch it up and spam projectiles. But the tournament is this Saturday, I think I should just put more time into Rog.


How much time do you put into Balrog vs your alts? If you have a lot of regular time on alts then you could use one, however, if your playing 80%+ of your time on Balrog picking up an alt in a tourney would (IMHO) be hard to get a bette result than your main. Match-ups aside, my experience is that I do better with my main than my alts simply due to the fact that I spend a lot more time and have many more hours experience on my main character.

If you play as rushdown is might be worth getting in a few hours of turtling practice - or at least knowing the matches where your better off turtling with Rog and going that route.



Yeah, Rog has been my go to guy. I’d say that I used him about 50% of the time. But with that being said, the other 50% was divided between the other characters I fucked with, I’d say the most of them was probably Fei with like 20% usage.


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