A good fight stick to buy for MVC3?


Hi I was wondering what would be a good stick for MvC3?


The standard is a Madcatz TE, any flavor is fine.


Yeah, madcatz TE is the best way to got for just a stock stick.


MAS Stick :slight_smile:


I think the Madcatz TE is an amazing stick for MvC along with most fighters


The Hori V3 SA is an amazing stick, and should have a longer life span than the Madcatz TE.


this. Stay true to marvel and use American.


Stay true with yourself and use what you are comfortable with



TE with octo gate and bat top


Man I love baseless statements.

There’s no right or wrong way OP.


LOL! You guys do realize Happ sold off everything to the Chinese when they closed shop in the US, right?

It’s all Chinese-manufactured! There’s no company producing American arcade parts in the US anymore!

P.S. – Just use what you’re comfortable with. Some of DO NOT love X-company’s parts for one reason or another. Not wanting to start a flame war because people are going to spend their money any way they want to.


That is what I had said