A good gamepad for the PC?


Hello, I’m new on the forums, and pretty new to fighting games in general. I like sticks, but prefer pads. I have a 360 pad which is a great controller but I’m not a fan of the dpad. I prefer the saturn pad and the dualshock 2. I’d like to know how I can use those on pc.


If you know where to look there’s a USB version of the Sega Saturn pad. Just don’t expect to get a genuine one (not the lower quality fakes) for cheap.


Use google> type in “motion joy” or "ps3 controller on pc"
Get the motion joy software, install it properly, have fun.


If you’re going to use a PS3 pad on PC, then use BetterDS3, not MotionInJoy.


xbox 360 controller works wonders for gaming on PC
plug n play , hasslefree


there is one solution for both pads and it works great. i use it by myself for a sega saturn gamepad and i tested it out with a ps1 pad and a ps1 “fightstick”.

i got mine on ebay where i got it cheaper and the shipping was for free.

with this adapter its just plug and play (win7) as long as the game allows you to change the button configuration.
you have to change the button layout when you switch frorm the sega saturn to the ps pad and its just for player one.
so when you want to use them for player2 you have to get another adapter.


The OP already stated that he didn’t want to use a 360 controller due to the shitty dpad.


appomo, I’ve seen that but I heard that the input lag sucks. I saw another cable by raphnet which seems better for the Saturn. Also, why am I getting null when I try to quote people?


there is no kind of input lag at least not with my device. the amazon reviews are good too.
you press your button the char does what you want.
i use it now all the time and have no issues at all.


I dunno, I’m reading another thread that says the input lag makes stuff unplayable http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=42400


details? i’ve been using motioninjoy for a few months and haven’t noticed lag or any other problems. user friendliness is an issue because of the language, but once it was set up i haven’t had to tamper with it.


Didn’t know about DS3 standalone before d3v posted that either.
Apparently this is open source software that does exactly the same as MotionInJoy except that it doesn’t have a shitty user interface and all the ugly ads that MotionInJoy comes with.

I’ll probably give it a try soon.


i cant speak for that guy and i dont know why he had issues.
maybe his device was broken or his pc made issues.

my experience so far is that it works without any issues.
when you have a sega saturn/ps2 pad just get the adapter on
amazon and when it makes issues you can send it back for free.


can’t really tell if you’re looking to get a new pad or use your existing ones? if you want a new one i’d get the Dualshock 4. Works great with DS4Tool (just Google it).

for DS3 use http://betterds3.ciebiera.net/

for general use the Logitech F310 is cheap and works with everything, but has similar dpad as xbox 360 controller. Get the Dualshock 4 though, seriously, it’s perfect