A good team/characters with bad executions?

Hi guys.
First, I’m new in this forum.

Recently I have the game UMVC3 (I’m not new to fighting games) I own stick arcade (Hori VRAP 3) but my execution is not the best in this game.

They could recommend a good team to start with?
Characters that don’t require great execution please. I don’t like big characters like sentinel or haggar.

Thank you very much. -

Very easy combos

Vergil Nova and Spencer are three characters that came to mind immediately.

Vergil and Spencer are not low-execution for people just starting this game. I guess you can scrub out wins with Vergil even with poor execution, but I’m going to assume you have some integrity and want to play your characters well.

Nova, Wolverine, Wesker, Frank, Cap all come to mind.

I was thinking about Nova / Iron Man / Wesker.
What do you think guys?
Would be a good team? I think Iron Man isn’t a character so easy executions. But, can master without much work? I don’t say 100% but take advantage of the character.

Sorry for my english, I speak spanish :frowning:

Play Nova/Spencer/X with X either being Hawkeye (arrows assist), Taskmaster (horizontal arrows), or Arthur (daggers). The thing is Arthur is a very bad character and Task isn’t really low execution if you want to do his legit bnbs, but Nova/Spencer/good projectile assist is so basic and so strong that it won’t matter once you get comfortable with Nova and Spencer. The other thing is that Nova/Spencer with a good projectile assist really doesn’t have any exceptionally bad match ups–especially once you get comfortable with the team. You also have a lot of tools with Nova. And if you ever do gain strong execution you can throw Strange in the back for one of the best teams in the game. Basically, it’s a perfect shell for a low execution player who wants to play at a high level at some point. Maybe the best.

I would recommend Wolverine but I’m starting to realize that if you don’t run Jam session or mystic ray behind him, you can run into a lot of problems against characters like Trish and Storm, or really anyone who up backs a lot or flies around constantly. That’s a problem for someone with low execution because Shuma is weird and Dante can be tough if you want to reach a high level of play.


Very low execution barrier and will actually evolve with your playstyle as you learn and improve.

Iron man is an ok choice if your used to fighting games, but their are many better characters to start with if you are just looking to learn the flow of the game more then the characters themselves.

I would suggest watching vids of the characters you decide to play with so that you can get the basic playstyle down, and stick with easy combos until you get used to the games pace.

Definitely nova and sentinel the drones cover him perfectly and let him get away with some nasty stuff and if you like iron man throw him in there if you stick it out with him at the start you’ll get so used to him later on. One of my first characters in this game was x23 her extended combos were so hard when I started but now they’re muscle memory and maybe the same thing might happen with iron man.

Bill’s right on the money with the Nova/Spencer shell, you can make a lot happen without really learning how to play Spencer (who is a bit more complicated than people give him credit for), thus allowing you to win more easily. Of course your anti-Doom bias is showing as usual; Nova/Spencer/Doom is probably 2nd to Strange since it gives the team a great assist and still allows you to kill off of hard tags pretty reliably. Doom isn’t exactly easy to play, but it’s because he’s unorthodox, not because he’s super-high execution imo.

An even derpier version is Nova/Frank/whoever IMO. I guess Sent or Doom would be easiest.

That said, I don’t recommend learning a team that’s low execution just to win. Don’t play just to win, play to learn and improve your game.

hulk, sentinel, vergil

hulk and sentinel very low execution

vergil is pretty low too

sentinel assist will help out hulk get in and senitnel as fodder so u can level 3 x factor vergil and clean up the rest.

spencer requires tk motions for his better combos and timing for the zig zag zip. that requires some execution.

minimal execution characters are vergil, wesker and wolverine.

spiral sword loops takes some execution but you can get away with dark vergil and xf2 vergil.

doing weskers non shit combos( getting to 750k no meter off low jabs) are actually pretty hard

spencers tk motions are probably the easiest part. I get that shit and i cant do doom corner combos. spencer dos reqiure a little bit of timing for the zip exestions but u might be able to hardtag into doom for easy damage if ure rocking the insannyye team. if u use team nemo than u can DHC if u go thorogh the effort of FOF loops and useing strange

I’m having a blast with Nova/Frank West/Drones. Low execution+Level 4 Frank is guaranteed off of one hit and 2 bars.

add taskmaster, hawkeye and akuma to the list.

dorm also.

weskers hard combos like this is a non factor since you can get similar damage using assist extensions and besides, no one really does those combos or use him first anymore. wesker based teams (wesker on point supported by two assists) sucks in the current meta game. his gameplan is revolved around resets and throws, which did not evolve well with the game.

and tk motions takes some execution, otherwise, i’d recommend everyone with bad execution to learn zero.

You don’t have to do the TK motions anywhere near as often with Spencer as you do with Zero.

Which really, neither of those characters execute TK’s in the neutral regularly like Viper or a real anime game character.