A good team for a beginner?

What is a good team for a beginner to MvC2 to start out with. Something that I can learn the fundamentals with and develop depth into the game.

I did a little research and I found two teams that were listed for beginners:



Are these good teams to learn fundamentals? What are some others?

I don’t care about low tier or high tier, I just want a team that will help me to understand the game.

The second (Team Scrub) is fantastic for learning the game. Magnus takes a lot of practice.

I think you should play any team you want and just get good with them, because every team has their advanced tactics but some more than others.

Learn to use at least one of the following - magneto , storm , or sentinel
Best teams are ( no order ) MSP, MSS, combofiend - mag / IM / sent, Storm / sent teams, scrub, Rowtron, Duc, Clockw0rk, etc…

When you get good with storm or sentinel then you can use alot more mid tier characters as well having a grasp on top tier characters (and what you can / can’t do vs them)

Not related to OP but would Cyke/IM/Psy be any good? in any order?

That team sucks balls…in any order

I think every team needs Sentinel or Storm. It’s best to start learning at least one of them and use Team Scrub (Cable/Sent/CapCom) to help you learn the game. Then when you feel confident enough, pick up Magnus and/or some mid tiers.

Learning Cyke, Iron Man and Psylocke would never be bad because while they may not remain in that team, they all have a lot of potential and can be great in the right hands. Cyclops and Psylocke are two assists that come back to win games often, and Iron Man is just nasty.

Theres a lot of potential for lower tier characters.

Psylocke only works with Magnus in my opinion. IM and Cykes can work with almost any other team.

Psy works with Storm and the other characters that like to do combos.

I’m using Cyclops/Doom/Sent right now, but might be changing Doom out, not sure yet. I’ve gotten to the point where I can beat average level teams pretty consistently online, but I still have trouble against top teams like MSP etc. Is there someone I could replace Doom with to give me better results against them?

Thanks for responding MVC2 vets.

I’ve been having a lot of success with Mags Sent and Cable, but honestly I can’t play Mags well enough (despite him being the character I most want to learn), and my fundamentals in MVC2 just aren’t good enough.

I think I’ll pick up Team Scrub till I learn the game a little more, than start hammering away on Mags.

Team Scrub it is for me.

I’m probably gonna keep my Cyke/IM/Psy team. Reason I have them mostly is because I still collect x-men and iron man comics and like them the most atm. Also promised with my friend that we wouldn’t pick Mag,Storm,Sent,Cable. Might learn some storm anyways though :slight_smile:

Try Doom instead of Psylocke. IM/Doom is one of my favourites.

your team is actually pretty good imo. you are really going to have to make each hit from cyclops or ironman count. thats actually a really good keepaway team.

btw psylocke works with pretty much anyone in this game, shes top 3 assist easy

i do like the team also KROS

I sometimes start psy (psylocke/magneto/ironman after switch glitch) against msp…just watch them try to get in between psyshots (ground and tk straight or downforward) s.fp, cr.fk, quick lk psyblades, sj.fp/up+hk, overhead up+hks here and there with em disruptors and repulsor blasts all over.

shit is annoying. when I’m on my game and can play that order well, you can usually kill mags with a DHC, and then you have mags/im/psy all ready to take on storm/psy :stuck_out_tongue:

and yeah, psylocke works with a lot offensively and defensively. anyone who has an airdash too…nj+psy, airdash over never gets old LOL


Fuggin’ CLOCKW0RK!!!

Storm/Sentinel/Captain Commando

Easy to pick up and can take you far.

I’m wanting to do Team Scrub but i took a blood oath to never touch Cable.

I just played the game today for the first time (since i was baptized with fighting games a year ago) and i was messing around with Psy, Mags, CapCom

So far i don’t see much use for CapCom in this team other than the assist. Is it really true that i need to learn Storm or Sentinel? I’d rather learn Storm than Sent. Well actually i don’t mind learning either. But MSP is kind of famous so i guess i’ll learn that

Learning this game is no-where as easy as Street Fighter =/