A good way to silence a joystick?

As the title suggests, I’m curious if anyone knows any good methods to silence the beasts. My Madcatz TE isn’t too bad noise wise, but man my hrap2: SA clicks pretty loud, which is weird considering they’re the same exact stick.

Just wondering, because the clicks annoy my woman pretty badly.

you cant. its impossible

Dont try to silence the stick… that is futile. Work on silencing the woman.


Just set the game volume higher =o.

The noise doesn’t bother me at all, my woman just has a habit of fallin asleep on the couch in the same room as my game setup, so I was wondering if it was possible to dampen the noise a bit.

Very easy. Just take out the microswitches on your joystick.

You can buy a Dynamat kit used for PCs. It will muffle the sounds inside your case, in theory at least, but it is an idea you can try. If you do try it let us know how it works out.

so how loud are the optical joysticks (sanwa flash)? i would assume those are quiet. i suppose he could always try and find one and… pay out the ass for it?

Here you go.


Would putting you stick under a blanket help at all? I know it won’t make it completely silent but I’m sure that it will muffle it a bit.

Follow it until you can snap compromising photos, then blackmail it into silence.

Call Vinny and big Sal.


A good mechanic doesn’t blame his tools… as the expression goes.

Play on a pad

Shake a fist at your joystick with an angry expression on your face and tell it “If you make one more f*cking sound I’ll kill your mother!”

Check out acoustic dampening foam. What you want to do is cut it up and press it up against the top panel right next to the joystick. Then add layers and layers around the joystick (but not directly underneath).

Unfortunately, this will only give you limited silencing because of the microswitch sounds and its pressed against a metal panel which loves to give out sound.

Why don’t you change out your panel for sound proof glass?

I know there’s no way to silence it entirely, I just figured with all the crazy stuff that people here have come up with someone may have found a way to kill a lot of the noise.

Never thought about the sound proof glass though, that might be worth trying.

Also, to the two who left bad rep for…09 being the reason… way to help out your community. Someone asks a legitimate question(and if you think I’m a bandwagon person when it comes to sticks, I’ve been using them for quite awhile), and rather than even consider the possibility you click the negative rep…Guess some of you guys just haven’t ever had a woman in the first place, and as such never had to consider others during your game time.

Canto and rtdzign, thanks for being the few helpful people in the whole thread.

Yes, because once the sound of the joystick wakes her up, you’ll want to see her face when she notices you “playing street fighter” underneath the covers “wiggling your joystick” back a forth…