A good way to use Chun Li's Expansion Inside

Sent Sweep (hits low 3 times) + Chun expansion

Alternate between doing a rocket punch on the second hit (around the time chun li hits)

and on the third hit (otg)

Two other good ways for me are:

Magneto is a bit hard at first when I learned to combo her assist as you have to call her early and then drag out the low attacks for her to combo. Anyways here it is

Ground Dash toward and Call Chun-Li FIRST then C.Lk, Delayed C.Mk, [Chun-Li hits], IMMEDIATELY C.Lk(OTG), C.Hk (Upward juggle), then ROM infinite or do whatever you want. Rest is also nice option here. If they block the C.Lk, C.Mk, most don’t expect and over head so when Chun-Li hits immediately go for the otg. Lots of fun stuff. THis is also the most delayed C.Lk, C.Mk, Assist combo I’ve ever had to do. This is also the same technique you use to combo Sabertooth Expansion assist.

Storm is so much easier compared to Magneto to combo but also in some ways it’s less tactical against some players.

C.Lk+Chun-Li Assist, C.Mp, S.Mk, [Chun-Li hits], then C.Lk, S.Hk.

Very easy since there is no delay techniques but there are some players who block high immediately after Storm’s first low hit since they expect a C.Mp or S.Mk so because of this player habit, they are already in the high blocking position. The good thing is that in the combo you still go low after Chun-Li hits.

With my Team being either Magneto/Storm/Chun-Li or Magneto/Sentinel/Chun-Li I have high low rushdown fun.

Think you could sticky some of the chun threads i made a few months back higher-jin?

Basic chun at the very least would be nice to have up top.