A-Gouki **EXPERTS** advice wanted

  1. When activating at MAX sweep range, what do you use to get them to the corner? Is there a less damaging but sure fire ground custom starter to take them to the corner that works at all ranges??

  2. Medium sweep range?

  3. Closest possible range?

  4. Is it a good idea to activate as you jump in?

  5. Off of a Deamon flip punch grab.

  6. For AA, DP then activate OR activate then DP, and into what??

  7. Practical anti crossup AA CC??

  8. Do you RC short hurricanes into CC??


That would be nice :slight_smile:

RC short hurrricanes are good.

standard custom when you get the opponent in ANY kind of juggle is :
activate -[ s.fierce - RH. demon flip - fierce - RH hurricane kick]
repeat what is in brackets until hit counter gets to 10, then substite fierce red fireballs for those ground fierces. this usually takes people to the corner in like, 3 to 5 reps.

all your questions are pretty much answered off that. you want to do either sweep then short hurricane kick x 1 or 2(depending on distance), then activate after your max juggle. any combo into hurricane kick will do, mess around with what is comforotable for you. i think the most damage comes off of low jab, low fierce, hurricane kick, though that only works on most standing opponents. you can also do low short, low jab, low sweep into short hurricane, its a bit harder though.

anti crossup custom is activate than do reverse dragon punch, or you can wait and do the dragon punch forward so that it comes out backwards. either way.

from my experiences, and logicially i guess, DP then activate is the way to go. you get more damage that way, and you can see if its guranteed like 3 days in advance.

hope i helped a little. good shit at evo, though i had to root for arturo. good shit nonetheless.


If you need additional help you should probably check out http://www.namonaki.com/games/newagroove.html

Even harder than Bison’s CC, I thought that one was touted as the hardest CC? I don’t use both (too hard to do CCs for me :D) so I don’t know.

A-Ken for life!!!:cool: F-HK is TOO GOOD!!!:lol:

actually I’ve been doing the one someone mentioned in here for like a week straight. I got it down pretty well now. I would actually say that the bison or sakura custom is more difficult IMO. It’s something about those customs that you gotta keep a steady timing, seems to be hard for me.

O yeah, one thing. when I start with the red fireballs instead of the feirces, this means include the whole combo. Regardless of how many hits i have before the activation I still change up to red fireballs when thecounter hits 10, right?

You talk funny.

Anyway, the hardest thing for me with Akuma is the s.MP, red fireball pattern in the corner. My friend told me the trick is not to think of 2-in-1ing from one to the other, but to just treat them as seperate moves instead. s.MP… red fireball… s.MP… etc… with a steady rhythm.

The only time I ever see good Akuma players activate is when the CC is guaranteed. Having million sure ways to land his CC in the first place is what makes him such a versitile A character.

d.LP, d.HK xx qcb+LK, qcb+LK, CC… s.HP, [dp+HK, HP, qcb+HK], hcb+HP, repeat brackets to corner…

Anytime you get a juggle with the qcb+LK is when you want to activate. Most notable set-ups include:

-sweep, short hurricane juggle, short hurricane (max range is OK)
-demon flip grab, short hurricane juggle.

Just short hurricane by itself is good too. Opponent in corner, teleport behind, qcb+LK, qcb+LK, CC… I get caught by that a lot unfortunately.

Against some characters you never even have to RC your short hurricane kicks. It hits so fast and also hits mid when up close. Some characters simply don’t have an answer to you getting up in their face and doing this move over and over. And hell yeah you should activate off this when you land one.

I agree with kcxj here, Akuma is the hardest motherfucker for customs in this game. I got the same problem in doing s.mp after red fireballs in the corner as well as doing demon flip kicks to hurricanes in the air, redfireball, launch repeat. That shit is fucking hard. Bison really is a bit easier, of course I do the ghetto dp then fb motions for his paint job but ah well it still hurts.

I started out being able to do just about jack shit with Akuma. But for like 5 days in a row I didn’t even leave the house. I just woke up and spent 10 hours per day working on the three characters I wanted to learn.

Do you guys think Gouki is actually any good?? I promised myself Iwasen’t going to use Bison OR Sakura. I don’t really like their customs. I think Sakura’s custom is the cheapest thing in the game, being a Pgroover at heart, RC’s don’t affect me much. RC spinning bird, parry then punish, RC sak hurricane, parry thenpunishment, RC electricity down parry uppercut, people just won’t try to RC on me that much anymore cause it’s too risky.

I’m really like Hibiki however. She has a ton of ways to land her custom. I’ll name a couple that everyone knows just for fun.

  1. Off her kick grab
  2. Off her counter
  3. blocked blanka ball
  4. Blocked psycocrusher
  5. blocked tiger raid
  6. if someone jumps in
  7. if someone jumps straight up
  8. in some cases if someone jumps back
  9. if someone crosses you up
  10. If someone throws a fireball
  11. If someone short jumps

I’m a total newbie at her but these are the no brainer CC activations. The customs don’t do a shit load of damage but the versatility in landing them is outstanding IMO.

Basically you can’t jump, but you pretty much have to if you wanna fuck with her.

Sorry this is in the wrong thread.


hey kcxj, for that MP redfireball just try to do a 2-in-1 c.MP redfireball that makes it easier… just try to hit the c.MP when he’s like at akumas belly…hope it helps…

1,2, and 3)always sweep into short hurricane kick.
4)only activate jumping in if u know they’re going to attack, but u can always activate then work into a block string into a trip, and so on…or u could work into a demon flip, and go from there.

5)after the demon flip punch grab, do 1 short hurricane kick, when u do the demon flip u will land close enough that u only 1 hurricane kick will do the job.
** Also it depends on how many times the hurricane kick hits…whenever u do a normal trip xx short hurricane kick, the max number of hits u can get is 3 hits, i’ll list situations after i answer ur questions**

6)Activate into Dp most of the time but it all goes back to the ** section above. and after that you would cancel the Dp with 1 short hurricane kick, then do the cc from there.

7)again when u get crossed up , Akuma would turn around …
so what u would have to do is activate as they crossup, this gives akuma the invincibility frames that he would need to not get hit and still Dp into short hurricane kick, and so on.

8)do not RC short hurricane kicks because u might mess up and do the command roll.

**Okay as i said above i would list setup situations that give u the max number of hits and still be able to activate and cc…

[]trip xx short hurricane- When u do the trip that counts as one air hit , which means u have 2 hits left. You can do 1 short hurricane at this point, …–If the short hurricane hits once u can do another(1+1+1=3 hits)…–If the short hurricane hits twice u cannot do anymore(1+2=3 hits) [after both these situations u can activate]
]Demon flip xx fierce grab:: when u grab, it counts as one air hit. Leaving u 2 more, again, if the hurricane hits once do another (1+1+1=3 hits)…if the hurricane hits twice, don’t do another(1+2=3 hits)
[*]crossup forward kick xx cr. jab x2 xx forward hurricane kick:: with this ur allowed to only do one other air hit, seeing as how forward does two hits, so just do short hurricane kick(2+1=3 hits)
those r the only situations u need to know.
Other then that, its all practice.
good luck

Hey thanks alot PokesYou!

Thats some good info. I think I get it now. The setups are pretty straight forward.

I really like A groove but I feel so handicapped when using it. I mean I don’t have a small jump for anti-air, and I don’t have a parry for defence. People tell me to activate when I think I would parry but it doesen’t really work for me. I’m really having a hard time activating when getting in close. Sure I can combo into it, but If I don’t then I don’t have many other ways.

Thanks, no problem…

I used to get that feeling , like u kinda can’t move until the right time or else you’ll waste the meter right…?..basically don’t worry about wasting the meter , worry about landing the cc, or getting some block damage, because if you still hit the character, your less likely to get hit really bad…because u can’t block.

I would rather waste some meter on some poor damage then get bitch slapped with some lvl 3 Sagat bs. Always remember to build meter whenever u can, and u shouldn’t have to worry about meter. Also remeber that those invincibility frames are quite helpful.
Who do u plan on using?

Pokes has the best A-Akuma on the East Coast…

I do…?
oh, and u have met me b4.

Edit: Lifetimeboy, i forgot to mention one other setup…
u can jump in and do a fierce hurricane, and then do a forward hurricane then activate…
And i found a new one out today…

u can activate, do a st.fierce xx fierce red fireball, then do the whole demon flip xx fierce xx rh hurricane xx fierce red fireball thing.

OMG!! Akuma’s A-groove is HARD!! Definately elite level A custom.

I got a couple of question relating the Namonaki’s Akuma custom:

they do:

QCB x2 (3 hits) Activate st.HP [Demon flip, HP, QCB+K] X N until corner and HCB+Hp X N and finish it HCBx2+HP

unfortunately, doing the actual combos is MUCH harder and write it down :stuck_out_tongue:

so here’s a couple of question relating to it:

I can barely chain the Demon flip after the st.HP (if I did it, is cuz I was lucky :/). So I was wondering, which Kick do I need to press after the DP motion ?? HK, MK or LK??

ok 2nd question:

Which kick do I use for Spinning kick (QCB+K) in: [Demon flip, HP, QCBxK]

3rd question:

When I watch the Namonaki’s Akuma video, I found out that when they reach the corner, He does more than HCB+HP. I can see he chain a Punch In between the red fireball but what punch is it? HP, MP or LP. ALso, How did he manage to step back while throwing out red fireball??

PLz help me out, I really want akuma to be in my Top tier in a-groove along with Sak and Bison :bluu:

1)You press HK when u do the demon flip.
2)You press HK when u do the huricane kick.
3)You press MP to chain it in the corner.

I wrote a whole guide to this on the previous page.

Ive been watching videos of BAS and even he doesnt throw red fireballs while he steps back. I have one video where he does a st fp, then mp to walk back, then starts fireballing.

but i would like to know how to walk back and fireball at the same time.

It depends on how close u r to the corner. If ur right against the corner, don’t do red fireball at first.
Do st. jab, fierce red fireball jab repeat. u have to hold back a little bit when u do the jab, this’ll move u back. But when u get one character space away from the wall, then u do mp.

ill show u this saturday if u want how to do it and etc…

PS:This is twitch