A Groove Akuma: Why use s.mp?

I was talking about this with a friend as to why it’s stressed to use s.mp in between his red fireballs for his cc. We were wondering why not s.hp faraway or double jabs in between, etc. Also does anyone here have a trick as to how to land s.mp between red fireballs consistently? The timing is such a bitch.

It doesn’t have to be s.strong. It can be s.jab… maybe s.fierce. The point of inserting the hit in between is to 1) get one more hit per cycle and 2) keep the juggled opponent in position to get all the hits on the next red fb, and have it be constant hits. Other punches have different properties on their “lift” - in general jabs give higher lift and fierces give more horizontal trajectory. Depending on your distance from the opponent, one button may be better than the other.

Interesting. I figured that I should start doing s.whatever in between the red fireballs cuz doing straight red fireballs do shitty damage. But what you said is pretty much what my friend was talking about. Thx.

i tend to just drum the buttons HP -> MP after the HCB motion so that i do both all in one motion and have less to fuck up

same thing i do with sagat with his DP->roll CC

personally, i use s.LP when i’m near, s.MP when i’m far. don’t use s.MP if u’re near, the hit has a highly vertical trajectory, so u’re going to land less cycles if u use it.

as gunter mentioned, each normal has a different trajectory. i’ve experimented with some, and imo s.mk (far) and c.mp result in the most possible cycles landed (ten). but u must have quick hands if u’re to try that.

look at bas’s vid previously on gunter’s site, he’s the one that deviced this custom (pls correct me if i’m wrong). he could’ve landed 9 cycles on the second last custom though. essentially, s.MP cycles are performed more quickly, allowing for more cycles to be squeezed in.