A groove chun

i aint played in three years so i forgot most of what i knew. what are some good custom combos with her. mine friend taught me how to do one but i dont know how effective it works. it goes

s.lk, s.lk, s. mk, lightning legs, spinning bird, spinning bird, super lightning kicks

he knows how to use it well but i havent been all to successful with it although im trying what are some others?

ground CC:
CC, c.LK, s.HK x 4, hcf+HP, far s.HK x 2, f+MK x N, c.HP xx qcfx2+K, sj.HK
hold forward for everything after the fireball, don’t mash MK too hard or you’ll get a lightning legs on accident, if you want… you can do [f+MK x 4, far s.MP] x N at the end so you can get more mashed hits without worrying about it

antiair CC:
CC, c.HK x 3, d,u+LK, c.HK x 3, whiff c.LP, j.LP/LKxN, qcfx2+P
really easy, after jumping up with LP/LKs, mash a bunch of them, you can probably jump 3 times with this, then land and super

okay thanks but i stopped usin A groove chun since i learned some of her cancels