A Groove comboes request

i havnt played cvs2 in ages and i want to start learning A groove cause ive been playing N and K groove till my brain rotted now i wanna start learning new things and i thought what better way to expand my game play then learn A groove :smiley: plz post up some A groove comboes even peezy ones cause i certainly dont know any…

my friend cammy’s not your character for custom combos … use C or N with her for the best but a good character for custom is for example balrog , hibiki but not cammy at least that’s my opinion since the need’s that lv 3 super to kick ass but you can use her as a very effective battery in A-groove if ya like so start the match with her .

Cammy is great in A-groove hell any groove that lets her use both medium and feirces’ is great for cammy this is your all purpose combo with her…I don’t belive you need level 3 supers with her at all at least not in my experience, Shes part of my new serious team of Cammy/Sakura/ Ratio 2 Bison anyway heres the combo…


that combo does massive damage great combos on that site btw…i remember back when i played a long time ago when the combo I THINK started

activate cccannon spike, dive kick, cannon spike, dive kick till the time almost runs out then s.fk , qcbx2+k but i dont remember if their any other ways to set that combo up. if neone knows how to set it up differently plz post

Check out Gunter site for some great A grove combos www.Namonaki.com should give some interesting information

Damn ur right pete…:smiley: