A-Groove Combos needed

I consulted the “Geese Combos and Glitches” thread, and waded through all these S-Groove combos and how to combo into a Deadly Rave. But what I really need is a one stop haven of A-Groove Custom Combos. The bigger the better.

  • GEESE -

Since he doesn’t have low jump or run in A-Groove, many players tend to forget about Geese. This is a huge mistake. Geese has great pressure options, high damage attacks, and a ground-based customs that can do over 9000 damage… easily. Don’t sleep on Geese!


c.LP, CC, c.MK… (anywhere, link)
(note: since Geese doesn’t really have any normal CC starters, he has to rely on openings, or “hit confirmation” links like this one. usually, this one would be done after a crossup. it gives you enough time to see if the c.LP, or c.LP,c.LP connect, then you can activate and link the c.MK… etc)

LK©, CC, c.HP… (anywhere, link)
(note: another “hit confirmation” link that is basically the same as above. usually after a crossup, wait to see if the LK© connects, activate, link the c.HP, then go into the appropriate custom)

meaty f+HP, CC… (corner)
(note: the later/meatier the f+HP connects vs a cornered opponent, the easier it is to CC and juggle. depending on how close you are, and how late it hits, you can pretty much follow up with whatever you want)

Super Finishers:

Deadly Storm: d/b,HCB,d/f+P
2640, 3-hits, vs ground/air (deep)
1760, 2-hits, vs air (shallow)
880, 1-hit, vs air (extra shallow, very uncommon)


Basic B&B (anywhere)

CC, [HP©x3-c.HP-HK(f)]x2 -> HCB+LK(2-hits)x5 -> HCB+LK(3-hits) -> d/b,HCB,d/f+P

9024 (tested vs A-Todo)
26-hits, +0 stun

For how easy this combo is, it definitely pumps out major damage. Make sure you don’t accidentally c.HK after the c.HP, you have to go to neutral to perform the HK(f). After the second HK(f), go into the HCB+LK’s. After peforming the 6th HCB+LK, start doing the Deadly Storm (d/b,HCB,d/f+P) motion, and hit the button once the last hit launches. If, by some reason, you are not in the corner for the final HCB+LK, the super will only connect for one hit!

Variation: Multi Palm Press -> Jaieken (anywhere)

CC, HP©x8-HP(f) -> HCB+LKx8(2-hits) -> d/b,HCB,d/f+P

9284 (tested vs A-Todo)
28-hits, +0 stun

Instead of using the HP©x2-c.HP-HK(f) link from the above combo, this variation relies on extremly quick close HP’s to get the job done. On average, you should be able to get around 5 or 6. With perfect timing you can actually go past 10. While the combo listed here is a bit harder than average, it’s worth it to get the timing down. Even if you only get HP©x7-HP(f), you’ll still do over 9000 damage.

Super-Jump Anti Air (anywhere)

CC, HCB+LK(1-hit)-c.HP-c.LP(whiff), sj.MK-MK (land), [sj.HKx4 (land)]x2, HP©x2-c.HP, HP© -> d/b,HCB,d/f+P

7060 (tested vs A-Todo)
19-hits, +0 stun

This is a pretty tricky anti-air custom for Geese that isn’t really that reliable. A more reliable variation uses 2 sets of sj.HKx3, but it does a bit less damage. Either way, the hardest part is canceling the HCB+LK on the first hit, right into the c.HP-c.LP(whiff). From there, do the superjump sequences as fast as possible. This will take you from full-screen to the corner.

Style Element (anywhere)

CC, c.MK-c.HK-c.HP-LK©(whiff), sj.MK-MK (land), [sj.HKx4 (land)]x2, j-up.HP(2-hits)x2 (land), d/b,HCB,d/f+P

7760 (tested vs A-Todo)
20-hits, +0 stun

Although this combo looks difficult, it’s really quite easy. You only need to concentrate on getting the superjumps out. After connecting c.MK-c.HK-c.HP-LK©(whiff) sequence, quickly superjump towards with MK-MK. This leaves the close to you as you land. Rejump and do two sets of HKx4, land, and the opponent will now be in the corner. Jump straight up and hit HP twice, letting it hit 2-times each. Land again, super.

Chip & Crush (anywhere)

LK©x2, CC, c.MK -> HCB+LK(2)x11-HP©-f+HP -> HCB+HK (crush), HP© -> HCB+MK

40% (200x11+350 + combo) (tested vs A-Todo)
100% guard crush
4-hits, +33 stun

This is Geese’s chipping and guard-crushing custom. While it doesn’t chip that much damage (about 10%), it will always crush the opponents guard if done correctly, thus leaving them open for a free follow-up combo. The reason LK©x2 is used before the CC starts is because without it, the CC sequence won’t crush the guard completely, unless its done vs P or K-Groove. The trick to getting this sequence to crush in any groove is the final f+HP. It must hit outside of the custom sequence. In order to make it so it’s not rollable is to chain it off the last HP© while in custom, then the meter runs out right before the f+HP connects. If done correctly, the follow-up Jaieken will crush on the final strike. From there, stand HP© -> MK Jaieken for the free damage!

Crush Only (anywhere)

CC, c.MK -> HCB+LK(2-hits)-f+HPx13 -> HCB+LK(2-hits)-HP©-f+HP -> HCB+HK (crush), HP© -> HCB+MK

25% (200x2 + combo) (tested vs A-Guile)
100% guard crush
4-hits, +33 stun

While this version doesn’t do much chip damage, it will crush any characters guard in any groove. The only tricky part is canceling the first HCB+LK on the second hit, right into the f+HPx13. The ending sequence is identical to the Chip & Crush sequence. Make sure the final f+HP hits outside of the custom.

That is probably the most righteously awesome data I’ve read in a long ass time. Thanks.

Shit it’s just respect to Mr.Howard.

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