A-Groove Guide


The format is different from last time. It’s all A-Groove related now, so no frame data. Scans of the guidebook are available on the net somewhere now anyway. If anyone can point me to a source, I’ll provide a link on the main page.

Combos are hella ghetto btw, so don’t get your hopes up. They’re just informational. I’m not out to impress. :sweat:

If anyone finds any broken links or incorrect videos for certain pages, please let me know. Thanks.

Oh shit. Namonaki returns! I got so many ghetto customs from your site back in '02. Nice.

very nice. thanks a ton for the eagle AA CC. for his blocked CC, the inescapable one is [close standing rh, hcf + mk (1 hit)]xn. doesn’t do much chip damage, but it’s also safe since you’re not allowing the gap between the first and second hit of the hcf + mk to happen.


yeah, I remember you saying that in a thread a while back. I actually had it recorded on tape and forgot to cap it, then taped over it. I wanted to get at least a ground CC for everyone before going on to the other ones. Now that I have (they’re in editing stage), I’ll eventually get to putting it up, I just can’t say when. :wgrin:

very informative guide. i remember there was another gunter with a similar guide a few years ago.

edit: never mind. i guess gunter is back.

It was always there… I gave hints to where the URL was, people just didn’t pick up on it I guess.

Love it man. Thanks for the customs. Ive been doing a ghetto geese custom this whole time 8D

Good shit

Gunter is back!

Great site, well and truly bookmarked.

The Terry Blocked CC appears to be one of Ryus.

Thumbs up though.

Sweeeeet. S’all I can say. Two thumbs WAY up.

Nice job dude. Very nice.

wow I gotta learn the mai link activate. Hi Gunter, I still use the same loser team =(

Oh yeah don’t for get Benimaru standup cc, activate against croucher, low forward, special knee, forward mk, fieeeerrce.

And rugal dive punch activate, st strong, HP godpress 2 corner. u win

For Beni, I started it with short because it’s faster. Rugal’s has been recorded, just not updated.

This is some nice stuff. Finally know an A-Yama CC.

O, maybe I missed the first Benimaru one. Also when doing the guard crush CC I sometimes cancel the handspin into whiff jab -> supergrab try.