A-Groove Help with M.Bison

Im havin’ a hard time doin’ the Psycho Vanish when I activate A-Groove with him…I cant seem to do it repeatly…I end up do his Psycho Crusher and other random shit…Im playin’ on a MAS Stick…2 weeks old.


I’ll give you advice on both methods since I actually do both methods… (I never do it right after I activate, I always activate -> fp then DP)

Buffer = Pretty easy for me on the right side. Basically I try I do one DP, then try to bring the stick up (with my actual hand, don’t let the stick go) to neutral and go to down and then down+forward, fp. I don’t go all the way to forward, and it works for me. Once you get it down doing it fast with MPs, then you can try to slow it down.

DP method = easier for me to learn than the buffer method on the left. What I do is basically let go of the entire stick, then do a dp as fast as I can. It may not be conventional but it works for me, and that’s all that matters.

i have problems with this too, i can do sakura’s shosho cc but bison’s cc its a pain,i cant do it

The Same here. For me I just add a St.HP in everytime I think I’m goin’ to make a mistake. All I can get is three in then mess up.

if you get psycho crusher/devil’s reverse, it means you’re over rotating when you paint. try turning on key display in training mode and you’ll see that you’re either hitting :db: or :uf: when you either buffer or repeated :dp:

just take it slow and practice…it will come eventually. It’s all about training your hands…you’d be amazed what your body can learn to do sometimes

Oh, and I have the X-BOX version… :tdown:

I got it a couple of weeks ago…then got distracted by WoW, and now I can’t do it anymore. Just takes practice.

Alright it’s pretty simple…

What you do is do the dp motion…and after that, you keep the stick on the side and keep on “sliding” it. If you’re on 1p side, then you do something like:
cr.jab x 2 cr.lk lk scissor kick -> activate.
s.fierce, dp + fierce, qcf motion x N and then kick super.

You just keep on doing a qcf motion WITHOUT letting go of the stick AND you don’t move it up too high. Plus, don’t go too fast. Good luck; it’s all just practice.

Yeah, the way I do it as 1p (so they’re stuck in the right corner) is:
f, df, d, df, + p, [f, df, d, df + p]*n
I never got more that 4 or 5 on the 2p side (so they’re stuck in the left corner)…WoW owns my soul :smiley:

this is my Bison combo…not the greatest, but it’s pretty easy I think.
(activate) down + HK, standing HP, flip kick, standing HP, (do that until the opponent is in the corner), and then do a few standing HP’s to keep them juggling. Once you’re ready, and the opponent is fairly high off the ground (if the opponent is too low, you might miss), and just start doing the paint the fence combo, then of course finish it off with his back, forward, back, forward + K super

Another way that’s beneficial for you to try is by trying to train yourself into thinking you’re doing full DPs but aren’t.

For instance, think of it as doing DPS starting from down. What I mean is: Do 1 DP then go to forward and back to down and a dp will come out. Keep doing this and you’ll be able to slow it down pretty easily. And don’t let it go to neutral, trying going straight from down to forward again.