A-Groove Honda Discussion

I know a-groove Honda works as a crazy battery. But what happens when you get meter?

What’s the a-groove combo of choice?

Any suggestion or input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

ps - what are his best pokes besides…

c. mp

rc headbutt

and f+Fk

pss - what are his target combos…

c. lk xx fp headbutt

any other dope combos out there for him?

Thanks again. I’m such a noob.

i use:

(in mid screen)
c.rh, s.fierce, headbutt(fierce), [s.fierce(you should end up on the other side when you do this move), headbutt]xN

but i havne’t gotten the super to land when i do that CC, but it does almost 6k damage.

(corner only)
c.rh, headbutts(fierce)XN, super

A-honda doesn’t need to land his CC anyways, but these are the CC’s i do when they whiff a big recovery move and i have full bar.

if anyone knows a fancy CC for honda, i’d be happy to learn it.

this custom is insanely difficult (or at least I can’t do it)

I just do low roundhouse xx fierce headbutt, [fierce, forward body splat, fierce headbutt] x n 'til meter runs out and then super…although I’ve noticed BAS likes to do the super and time it so that only the second part hits, but it hits like 3 times or something?