A-groove Kim.........(Your thoughts?)

well basically im trying to see(learn) how kim is in A groove, and i was wondering what you guys think of A-groove kim…

Im trying out the namonaki custom and I think that its gonna take me a little bit to learn, but not too long, the timing on the close fk’s and far fp’s is kinda tricky…

Ive been through rock,raiden,chun-li (boring imo),king (still use her sometimes)…

so im trying to fill in my blank spot on the team ?/Joe/Geese

any strats for a A kim user??

help me learn him, I do now a good amount of things about him
so you dont have to take baby steps with me…

any help will be much appreciated:)

Later… :cool:

tiger knee kim’s qcf+k in the air, you’ll gain meter quick.

i have been messing around with Kim in A and i have found Kim to be a very good battery with some decent A grooves. Especially near the corner. My current one that i like has to be on a opponent standing but it goes as follows:

ducking mk, ducking fpx2, standing fp,standing fk, hcb fk, down fk, then hit up mp (should be his charge move) land mash lk (about 4 times) repeat then hcb hcf k super. i have some others but i’m too lazy to post right now. let me know what you think and post yours up too.

Very stylish CCs, pick him up!

Can’t you make them stand back up if you do the d,d kick? Ah, Kim, it’s been so long…

I think A-groove is Kim’s best. His anti-air CC rocks. Basic is c.hp,d-u+mk,d-u+lp,d-u+mk,d-u+lp,d-u+lp,qcb-db-f+fp

Another ground custom for kim is c.mk-d-d+fk-close fk, far fp, close fk, far fp, close fk, far fp, qcb+mk x6, qcb-db-f+fp

I am currently tweaking them to squeeze out as much damage as possible.

K is probably Kim’s best. Low jump is good, so is rage. He doesn’t really have any great RC’s so he gets JD, even though his roll is good JD is better, and he gets run.

guard crush gets raped in p and k groove. small jump has it’s positives and negatives for kim.

K groove reduces a charactar to block tactics, which is not what Kim is built for. His kicks have good range and good damage. His CC’s are strong and very useful, and I personally would not like to play without rolls.
Odin- If you practice with Kim and it isn’t working for you, try Eagle, Rolento, or Terry. Their CC’s are relatively easy and put out a good amount of damage.

S, N, K, and P Kim’s qcf+k[air] are harder to tigerknee

K doesnt reduce you to block tactics. Only scrubs try to JD everything that is thrown at them. Good K groovers JD what they KNOW is coming. It’s too risky not to. Also K is probably the groove best suited for rushdown in the entire game, so idk where you got the blokcing tactics thing from…

No matter how you feel about K groove, this thread was started to talk about A groove Kim. He did not state that he was interested in changing grooves, which is probably a good idea, in my opinion, because I think Kim is best in A groove.

good call

I have been practicing with Kim in A groove frequently now. His CC’s are not extremely strong, I average 6500-7000 dmg per CC, but the opportunity to connect is outstanding. He can begin his CC in a plethora of situations. I use him as a battery atm.

You think wrong. Ask the best Kim player in the U.S. (Eric Lee) and he will tell you that K is Kim’s best groove.

Is this BEFORE or AFTER he started using him in C-Groove and doing the infinite to people?

You are right. I think wrong, and because someone is good with K Kim means that K is his best and everyone should play him in K. This thread is about A groove Kim, it was not started to argue his best groove.

Also, Gunter, that was funny + I love your guide.


Yeah well, K-Kim is still good, C-Kim is awesome because of the infinite and horrible links to level 2 supers. A-Kim, though, is amazing. I would use A-Kim more if C-Groove didn’t have the infinite.

Activate–ducking forward x3, standing fierce, standing roundhouse, roundhouse cresent kick; repeat 3 times, forward cresent kick x2, thunderfoot super, juggle hotstepper (dive kick) 3 times.

Builds meter after the custom, looks cool, does almost the same amount of damage as the dash super.

Can’t mess with C-Groove, though.

Kim is Top Tier…

hell yea he is