A-Groove King


Where does she stand on the Tier list? My A-Groove King isn’t that bad, but I see no one else playing her. RC hurricane kick should be pretty good. You got an answer?


Well she IS King, so really any groove will be low tier… However I think A is her best groove, and Gunter does pretty well with her.


King isnt low tier, i would say more like lower-mid, or even mid. double strike is a tool.


Try going to the King forums and setting the time back to “the beginning” and there’s an A Groove King thread with good shit in it.

And she is low tier. Just not Kyosuke tier. That’s different. Not even her RCs really save her ass too much. But she can fuck you up if you aren’t careful, but that’s with basically anyone.


Word. King doesn’t have too many things that keep her safe. The best way to play king is to be very very very patient. BTW i thought u didn’t believe in RC’s LiSyaoran :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Double strike is a tool, one that is easily RC’ed through… Ask pretty much any good player King is considered low tier, bottom? No becaus eonly Kyosuke is, but shes in the same boat with Yun and Sim, yes they have tools, but they simple have less advantages.


Yun and Sim are both quite a bit better than King, especially Yun.


I don’t, I’m just saying that RC hurricane should be alittle more of a reason for people to use her, thats all. My king isn’t that bad. But I haven’t use her as much as I use Yun. I’ve mastered him.


Not reallly, even though I’ve seen good Yun and Sim players, they’re not all that much superior to King. Superior, yeah, but not “quite a bit” imo.


Yun is a second tier character. I’ll play him on you next time I’m in town.


Dhalsim is alot better than king, I think he is very underrated.



I play Yun in my C and A-Groove teams. I think HE is underrated.
But still, Yang is the man!


wtf. hells no.

… But Yun you got me on. But fucking Dhalsim? Over A King? Fuck that.


A king has the borner combo of death thats has that 80% chance to dizzying

with that alone shes got advantages over most of the cast not a big one but it keeps her from being over looked AND being compared with the low tier of cvs2


Whos she? Sakura?


strikingeuphony Posted: 10-11-2003 , 05:13 PM

Easy 50 hit combo(kind of-might need to practice)
opponent has to be in corner
Jump in roundhouse,
standing or crouching forward kick,
roundhouse trap shot,
activate alpha combo as soon as the last strike hits from the trap shot(before your opponent hits the ground),
standing fierce,
roundhouse trap shot,
standing fierce,
roundhouse trap shot,
standing roundhouse into an immediate(combo it) illusion dance super.

If done right, your opponent will never hit the ground. 50 hits of some SERIOUS damage with King using A groove from one openning that really isn’t that difficult to do without a little practice.

wow that’s some good shit. i been playin her for something off and on. she can own up shoto’s wirh easy


I usually do that except I usually end it with a non CC trap shot xx suprise rise as this gives about 45 stun which if your playing a frmale char is only 5 stun away from a dizzy and will usually dizzy them

plus it only does a little less damage