A-Groove Kyo Madness!

Please, check out this Kyo vid. It’s too hot:

~ http://big.freett.com/cvss2movie2/daikyou.wmv

The Correction…

Here’s the right link:

~ http://nazo.tv/cvss2/

Scroll down the page a little and look for a heading called “dai” and click on the link below it. Enjoy.

it wont load… but I got that overly sized CVS2 video which had some good combos. too bad it was on speed 1 and half of them were rolento setups.

BOTH links work fine for me :xeye:.

Ok so anyway, what exactly is it that I’m seeing :wtf:?

Either there’s some glitch I didn’t know about where you can continue off an OTG combo into a standing-only combo in CC (even on Sagat, not just Rolento/Dan), or they’re EX grooving it or something…

Or are these just insane resets that you can block between :confused:? Eitehr way they at least look pretty :).

If the combo meter stops, its a reset. The ones on Sagat were mostly resets.

Well yeah there are some resets in there but, in CC mode you can actually transfer, the OTG property of the Ground Pound Chain into another move if you cancel it. Majestors pointed this out in one of his notebook clips I believe.

wait which one is the A groove Kyo? I could only download the CVS2 combo vid that had humanly impossible comboes. I want to see the Kyo one = (. I tried the first link…didn’t work. The second just had the CVS2 combo vids.


But the link is now broken. It’s posted in my first message.

So can you send it through AIM? My Aim is Disturbedlink182.