A-Groove mai



can some one tell me all the mai cc.
all i know is c. lk then super. I know there are better 1 plz post em here


its cr. mk.


[CC] cr.fierce x 1, s.RH x 8, cr.forward x n, cr.fierce, qcb-hcf + kick (Super Deadly Ninja Bees)

Start with cr.fierce only if you need the CC to come out faster or if you’re too close, otherwise just start with the s.RH x 8 session… and when you hit the cr.forwards, really mash the fuck out of it. The hardest part is definitely ending it, but that’s a simple matter of practice. It also requires rhythmics to hit the RH chain without accidentally using close RH, which resets the CC and magically massacres it altogether. So basically, make sure you aren’t hitting RH too fast. You should generally be able to get at least 7000 damage with this, maybe more or less, but I forgot… I really don’t like A-Mai anymore. She used to be on my team, but she has nearly no utility at all. I will say she is a good battery though.