A-groove Maki (CC's)



I would like to use maki in A-groove , but the problem is that the
ground custom on namonaki does 8200+ which is good but your opponent has to be standing up in order to land it on them… :frowning:

her anti-air CC does about 7500+, and her anti air custom can be used as a ground CC, the question is does anyone have or know of a CC that maki can do on any character that does more than this?

I would just like some variety, I dont want to get bored playing her because she is a unique character, like geese, rolento ect…
(not your average shoto)

so can anyone help me out with higher damaging CC’s

your help will be very much appreciated… :slight_smile:


I don’t know if she has a higher damaging one… I think that’s about it. You got the jumping fierce/RH custom, and the standing RH custom.

for shits n’ giggles you could do the qcf+k, RH grab custom. Activate, get a knockdown somehow (sweep, KKK), then repeated d.fierce into run, hit RH for the hopping grab. As soon as she lets them go, do it again. To end it you do air 720 super after she lets them go from a hopping grab. Not the moment she lets them go (like when you do the d.fierce) but when she bounces into the air. Doesn’t do as much damage as the other CCs, but is a lot more stylish than jumping with the same attack over and over or mashing a button. Good to kill an opponent with low life.

You could also try corner custom with repeated fierce haymaker punches, then switch to jumping attacks near the end for air 720. I remember this doing good damage.

She’s got other stuff to play with too, try linking the CC. After d.strong or jab-strong chain. If you’re insane you can link it after jab-strong-fierce-whiff grab.

Don’t forget about her throw in the corner. She can combo her punch throw with CC. So you can throw, then activate (harder). Or you can Activate, then throw (easier). I prefer the latter because you get the CC freeze and invincibility which = sticky hands. After the throw I pop 'em up with d.jab, d.fierce, then do jumping attacks. You can do something else instead, but I’m a scrub. :slight_smile:


can someone help me w/ some of her cc clarification?

her AA CC is Activate, TwirlykickXxc.fp, [sj(cancel), rk, rk, rk,] to corner… then I think its like… nothing but j.d.mp, and 720 to finish…

is that right?

and the poor details I have on her ground cc is:

Activate, 2x(final fight chain), rk, rk… etc…

I don’t know the finisher, or any of the stuff between:rolleyes: (yea… I’m bad…)

now, for the rk, am I spacing the canceling out to be really fast, or am I suppose to wait a long delay after each rk?


I’ll help gbursine

I use her anti air custom as a ground custom:

activate, KKK, D+FP, whiff-c.lp, [SJ.FPx3]x2,
[Jump straight up Lpx4]x2, sj.mk, 360 air grab super

this does about 7500 damage which isnt bad but you have to use a little life to do it…

This is also her anti air custom which will usually result in more damage because of the higher chance of a counter hit when they jump in at you…(7800 dmg)

Her usual ground CC does about 8000+, but the bad news is your opponent has to be standing in order to nail it, which doesnt make it a safe or reliable CC, unless they will a shoryuken or something stupid like that…

If you want to know that one then go here:


white=lp blue=mp red=fierce black=any p, or k (transcription)

she has other customs but there all less damaging and do only about 7000, almost…:frowning:

Hope this helps…