A-Groove (mike_Z)

for a custom combo can’t you activate crouching HK, then standing hard punch, into the short run and stop before them before they hit the ground, then jab them and juggle them across the screen in the air with fierce kicks? I usually end the custom with 2 hits from her qcf and punch move (buffer it twice), into the fierce run and grab, into the 720.

yea I know what you are talking about. I just dont really find those customs that effective on that site as most characters are too tall for her standing RH. I was just saying some alternative CC’s. I wasn’t really thinking of damage. I discovered another one a few days ago however that is decent in damage. I start it with C.RH, C.Hp, the run attack with RH grab, cancel the grab as soon as it hits the ground into, C.HP x2, into small run into a jab, then roundhouses across the screen, into an ending of your choice. Kind of cheesy but it looks very flashy ahha

You can do a sweep, cancel into C.Fierce and cancel that into a whiffed jab, then superjump after them with fierces. That works pretty consistently, I think.

yea that works pretty consistently thats whAT i normally use in the match. I was just posting some fancy shit hahha, thanks