A groove Paint the wall Q & A?



Hey, I need help with Bison’s d/p paint the wall custom. Specifically aimed at all u expert mbison cc 'rs that can do it perfectly. Gunter, Nelson, Trajic, Mikey, Will ( ithink MgL ) Etc.

I can only do it facing the left. I buffer quite a bit too. But Ive seen some of u just do the full motion and never mess up on either side of the screen. How do u do that? What am I missing?

How do u guys do it? Is neutral involved? Any tips ? Etc.

Thanks for any feedback, I know these might be like secrets of the trade or something. John B Oakland CALI


umm its paint the fence my frend, and a for full dpm cc. . . dats kinda hard, i can do 2-4 consecutive dpm but after that i mess up. . . u can however, buffer it to a point where it does the same dmg and hits as regular dpm. . u might 1-5 hits less here and there, but i works for me. . . and hopefully, it will work for u

good day mate


I used to be in the same boat as you are, being able to only combo on the left side. The best advice I can offer is to just keep practicing. I learned the motion literally one step at a time. Set meter to infinite, CC, sweep xx dp. One. Then next time go for two dp’s a row without messing up. And so on and so on until I could make the combometer go to 100 using nothing but dps. From there on in, it’s been nothing other than a matter of practice. Around 15 min a day, both left side and right side (and alternating with A-Sakura as well), is all it takes to develop a high skill level.

The painting in the corner is more about button press timing than anything (learn not to spaz on the HP button). You’ll learn that on your own after you spend that good amount of time you’ll need in training mode.

I know for a fact that all the best Bison players don’t use the buffer shortcut method (played against Ino, Rickee O etc… and watched their hands up close). Manual DP’s are the way to go (dp+HP, neutral, dp+HP…). I’ve found it helps to use as little effort as possible to do the motions too. When learning the right side at first, you’ll have to put your whole arm into the motion to not screw up your dps. But after you get use to it, you’ll find you can comfortable rest your wrist down on the cabinet and still easily perform dp’s while barely making yourself tired at all.


how come everyone starts out doin fences and mills on the left side? i started doin both on right side. . . is it only me? or are theres others who started out on the right side also?

hmm, thx for that little experience kcxj, i might be able to do full dpm fences, hheheh


Hmm, thats weird. IMO the buffer method is alot easier, if you think about it, you do one dp then the rest are just fireballs really. Going back to neutral is too much it seems like. As for the CC on the right side, just practice you eventually should get it.


Nice info, I’ll practice it. Thanks

but, ima learn to do it with neutral, I know it’s much more reliable .


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You should practice on a joystick (first and foremost) and if you’re practicing at home, mute the TV and just practice the custom without listening to the sounds. It might sound crazy, but the sound might be distracting to some or cues for others, depends, but anyway. When you don’t have to listen to the sounds and just do the motion, you really just have to practice on doing a repeated DP motion (which isn’t that hard, you’re only messing it up because you’re probably going too fast), rhythm is the main thing to remember. Zone out everything else but the motion while doing it.

Also, the benefits to doing the full motion vs the buffer method is that you won’t risk getting the dive punch or a psycho crusher as much as you would if you did the buffering method.

And it would also depend on the stick you’re playing on. IMO, doing full DPs on a medium to hard spring is the BEST joystick for it. Because you “feel” the motion and therefore don’t get tripped up over it. If it’s a loose joystick, you can probably get by doing the buffer trick.


ok, ima try

Thanx, ima try that, the sound is kinda distracting , sounds like he’s waxing or something. I can do it like 95% facing the left side. ( buffering ) and like 40% facing the right now. lol.

But I wanna do it the real way, full motion dp with neutral. I can do 2 or 3 and then I lose it. Like im to slow, or my left wrist get’s tired and doesnt do the whole motion or something.

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Man I think this is gonna take alot of practice!

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wait you can do dp go to netrual and then fireball and that registers?


No, that won’t register. You have to do a DP motion (F, D, DF, F) then continue to do this FROM the end of the DP motion -> [F, DF, D -> QCF] you HAVE to do that motion otherwise it won’t recognize the DP.

If that’s too complicated, just do the full DP motions, that’s easier IMO, but if you wanna use Sakura, you HAVE to get that down pat.


I use the buffering method for both Sakura and Bison. I can still get the maximum # of hits for each motion. It’s all a matter of timing.


Ive tried Bisons Paint the Fence and i have a couple of questions. When i do the Dp motion i stop at netural and repeat, but i found that sometimes Bison crouch down and im doing a ducking fierce. Why is that? I have a theroy it might be that im spazing on the controller and if that is so. Should his Paint the fence be done fast or slow. I can get about 4-5 reps then Bison begans a ducking fierce. So in my honest opinion you should try doing the full DP motion once you get in the rythm you find it more easy to do