A-Groove r2 Bison vs r1 Bison

SBO Bas Team: A-Groove Sak/Blanka/Bison r2

SBO Tokido Team: A-Groove Sak/Bison/Blanka r2

Are these teams simply player preference; who has the proper configuration?


its player preference. . . rat1 bison does about the same dmg on a rat1 char as a rat2 bison does on a rat2 char. . . since their both good, they both hav a proper lineup(config). . .

ps …::: now that i jes read my post, i dont htink t mkes any sense. . . i must be really tired

I used to think R2 A-Bison was worthless, but not anymore.

Since A-Bison’s major draw is the CC, and the majority of the CC is pixel damage I always just figured R1 Bison is all that’s necessary, and that’s true from a purely offensive point of view. However, while the damage done in the CC may be comparable, the simple fact is that R2 Bison has more life, thus more chance to land more than one CC.

I still prefer R1 Bison, personally, but R2 Bison definitely has his place. Personally, I think Tokido’s team is better (and I thought that well before SBO).

a-bison is actually pretty good, wit or w/o cc, i usually find myself killin my opponent bfor gettin to do cc. . . a couple RC’s here and there and before u knoe it, they dead =P. . . i do however, think tokido’s team is alright, but blanka2 is kinda overboard in my opinion, since he already does alot of dmg as a rat1 wit and or w/o cc’s he can kill u pretty quick.

I know this thread is hella old. but im thinking i might want to change my bison to a R1 character. Why blanka r2? Is it because he can just be more CHEAP with his RC elec? BAS has changed his bison to a r1 as well. Should i stick with bison(since hes my best character) or switch to blanka r2??

this is purely my opinion, so i could be very wrong:
i think blanka is the ideal r2 because of several reasons

  1. he counters many characters simply being able to move around a lot, being able to control a lot of the space around him.
  2. his rc’s are by far more favourable then those of bisons:
    rc electricity is damn near uncounterable, and when it trades it does easy 2k damage (the multiplier for r2 working in favor of this)
    his blanka ball is good because its fast and all 3 levels have their uses. a lot of characters are also unable to punish a blocked blanka ball
    bison has many roll cancels, its just i dont see them being used often.
    most notables are the stomp, the scissors and the psycho crusher.
    rc’ing the stomp merely allows him to not get poked out of it early.
    rc’ing the scissors/psycho lets u go thru pokes/fireballs, but are still unsafe as EVERY character can punish a blocked psycho crusher, and if not distanced properly, any character can punish blocked scissor kicks.
  3. blanka builds meter, FAST. outside of his simple 4 hit b.n.b combo, he can do rapid rc’ed electricity whiffs for really really fast bar.
    bison cant do this. he can do his banish (paint move), and normals (c.mk, s.mp) or spam lk scissors, but nevertheless at the end of the day, blanka builds meter way faster.
    this translates to more chances of landing a big custom combo or whatnot.
  4. can someone check who has more hp when in r2, blanka or bison? this would be an obvious advantage, if blanka has more hp.
  5. blanks hop back is possibly the greatest anti-cc ever made. even if ur in the middle of amove and someone activates u can hop back to avoid it.

This reminds me of H+K’s response when I asked this very same question. His response was:

"I put my bison r2.

He can come back like THAT, one combo -> custom is EASILY 10000 damage. EASILY. And come on, hes fuckin bison man. Fuck blanka, that green piece of shit."

I think the most compelling arguments are all here: 1) He’s bison and 2) it’s blanka

I was stupid back then. Nah im jk. But ive been thinking about it because, yes, bison obviously can come back. But blanka has so much more oppurtunities because he does build meter faster with that RC elec. And his CCs do atleast 7000. Not to mention that RC Elec. will hit the opponent many times if you use it wise. Cheaaaap. I’m considering it. Bisons CC does almost the same damage r1 anyways.?

the CC portion of Bison’s paint indeed does almost the same damage in R1 or R2 form. I managed 10k+ damage with R1 Bison vs R2 P-Sagat in training mode (though now that i think about it, it might’ve included the bnb combo before the activate).

so I think R1 bison’s a much better deal in terms of damage than R2.

Has anyone considered the R2 match ups for both Blanka and Bison, and check who as less “bad” match ups (i mean characters you normal see in R2)?

Bison vs Sagat = Sagat wins. Ground game, sagat wins for free.
Blanka Vs Sagat = Sagat cant jump in for shit on blanka without JD or Parry.

But its bison!!! Blanka is just green.

haha, he’s not green if you dont’ use lp and hp to pick him! he’s technicolour baby! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: