A groove Ryo 2 new combos

wait I dont kno if this has been found out(doubt it tho) b4 but I just figured out recently and by the looks of it I wont get my hands on a digi cam soon so il just post it.

btw it can be done anywhere on the screen.

the 1st one I found was:

jump HK c.mp hcb.hp activate f,b,f hp rite after the last hit roll then dp lp f,b,f Hp
roll dp lp any special.

the 2nd one is(this one requires more timing) jump HK c.mp hcb HP activate f,b,f wait abit after the last hit , f,b,f lp… special.

so they go
j.HK c.mp hcbHP AA f,b,f HP, roll ,dp lp f,b,f roll , dp lp special.

2nd combo
J.HK c.mp hcb HP AA f,b,f lp (repeat) special.

to be safe for both combos after Hcb HP
jump activate lk then f,b,f…

These aren’t new, but good job finding them on your own. i have one suggestion though, instead of doing j.hk, c.mpxxxhcb+p , do j.hk, c.mkxxxhcb+p. the reason why is if u mess up the timing on the comboing the j.hk, c.mp and they block high then the combo won’t hit, but if they block it high and u use c.mk then u r all set

well yeah u could use c.mk but I just use c.mp for a bit more dmg.

really? theve been found?

Not too creative ones after all :smiley:

guess not.

well at least sum1 shuld have posted it up so I wouldnt have to make a fool out of myself.

1 year and a few month later-

Lately i’ve gotten into Ryo, since i’ve been messing around with alot of the “uncommons”.

So far the most damaging A-Groove Combo that Ryo’s got is-

j.HK, c.MK, hxb+HP (activate) Zan Retsu Ken (f,b,f+p) x3 xx qcfhcb+p

By the time the 3rd Zan Retsu Ken ends you got like a 1.5 seconds to time that Lv1 Super before your bar is gone.

This combo does around 9200. Its probably been figured out already no doubt, I just thought i’d add my input for those who take a look at this thread in the future.

Hey Darkshinryuken, which strength zen retsu ken did you use???

but doesnt that combo only work in the corner?

I used Fierce Zan Retsu Ken.

And yeah, that combo only works on the corner. In open space you’ll probably just connect the first Zan Retsu Ken then you wont be doing anything else after that (except maybe a fireball)